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just what i needed (in the process)



Seemed like a fair trade to me

What we have here is a 1975 xs650, i recently purchased after selling my 1981 cb750, and filing my taxes through H&R block, found this on craigslist, he wanted $1500 for it, i offered $900 not trying to low ball, but, no title, electrical was a mess (mess is an understatement), and he couldn’t prove that it started, we almost settled with $1100 but then another guy came and offered $1350, but he was already dealing with me, so i scrounged up as much as i could and came up with $1100 after borrowing $100 dollars from four different friends, haha, gotta love em, and the seller agreed to let me pay the other $200 when i get a chance, so i got it for $1300, now hoping that it worked when i got it home this seemed like a fair trade to me, it was already hardtailed, had the wheels (21/18), tires, fork, tank, head light, and tail light that i wanted, and it had good compression and spark. Continue Reading →

R.C Update and near finished



I posted up some pics when I first started this xs……. bottom line:  this scoot has an invest cost of ZERO…. took much time with the proverbial craigslist and some driving around but after many swaps this is what I came up with. The tank is my own design built in trade for a rolling xs I had….built by Bruce Reed of Evil Empire studios in the Bend Oregon area, he built this from some templates I made… also made the bars for me. Continue Reading →

XS650 Tracker- The Long, Winding Road



Write about your XS650.: 1981 650 Streettracker. Originally got this bike from my dad, who put 6″ over forks on it and lost interest, then gave me the bike. At the time, chopper look wasn’t working for me, especially how my dad was going to go about it. Love the look of Mule Trackers, but way out of my budget.Have been working on it now for about six years, time and money being the limiting factors. Over that time, I have gone back and forth many times deciding- chopper or tracker?, as I have now seen a lot of nice 650 choppers. Continue Reading →





1979 XS650 with TCB hardtail, battery box/oil tankfoward controls. WiseGUY manifolds, ARDCORE SEAT, and of corse you got to add MIKES XS. All of these guys are great and parts are perfect. I did something different on this build and polished up the battery box and oil tank and came up nice. Bike was built low and to go. Continue Reading →

Werner’s Swedish longfork



Write about your XS650.:  Hello, some more pics of my latest work. Started whit a 72 engine that was so bad done. Had to look around for a new frame and find it Sweden (calles). Continue Reading →

1981 XS650 Yamaha Heritage Special Project~~ Day 1


“I just picked this up. It is in pretty bad shape but it does run… and needs lots. Tranny, carbs, electrical, fuel tank and what ever else you can name. If it wasn’t an XS650 i would have passed but they seem to attract me and the agony of re-cycle builds.”