xs 750 blue bobber project


Bore and hone for the 750 kit

Hello all.. im new to this site and thought i would share some pics of work in progress 81 xs 650 with a 750 kit installed. Before i purchased the bike for 200 bones back in the spring of 09. Pulled engine out and completely disassembled the engine to freshen her up. Added new seals, o rings, gaskets cleaned up ports in the head and lapped the valves in. Took cylinder to a local machine shop to install sleeves bore and hone for the 750 kit. had to buy another crank because the orginial crank flywheel gear for electric start was stripped.bought a welded crankshaft.



powdercoated the engine in a wrinkle black and highlighted the fins with a cutoff wheel. Added Shell #1 camshaft and bought 34 vm round slides with kn filters. bike should round very good i hope lol!  Frame seat area was cut for a lower solo rider and all unnecessary bracket pegs removed. added a Tractor Farm Supply cargo trailer rear fender cut out 2″ out the center and rewelded up.


Made my own forward controls. Made my own solo seat pan from fiberglass and added the foam  and vinyl covering. Made up my own handle bars. Paint work was done by me. Frame is powdercoated  matte black and the centers of the wheel are powdercoated.


All work has been done in house including the powdercoating. Still have the wiring to do and hook up the exhaust before i can hear her run again.




  1. Blackwidow says:

    Nice looks like you did alot of work so are these engines very complicated or pretty simple??

  2. ken brown says:

    blackwidow… engine is easy to rebuild must have a manual

  3. Blackwidow says:

    Sounds good Ken I’m gonna have to get me one because eventually I would love to rebuild mine

  4. ken brown says:

    blackwidow..you have a nice bike as well. what state do you live in?

  5. blackwidow says:

    I live in Colorado I have another bike it’s all original that I plan on building I’m thinking of making the next one flashy and possibly sending out some stuff to have chromed as well on it.

  6. Greg says:

    Very Nice Bike Ken! Can’t wait to see ya cruisin it!

  7. Siemen says:

    Pics look good, but I think it will look better on the street.