update on the 50’s Triumph look alike


Write about your XS650.:             For the one’s whom were concerned about the seat hurting your butt well it has now been covered and also is up forsale…





.$3200..other pic’s is in the oct archives…and video www.wiseguycustums.webs.com


  1. Blackwidow says:

    I really like that bike looks very vintage and what is that monster in the backround LOL


    Oh are we taking the gunslinger or the 49 studebaker…

  3. Sprecher says:

    for whom that it may concern…we are NOT apart of wiseguy customs in washington state…we have a few bikes on here ..a simple mistake was made with the buisness name…..lets act like adults …so if we are copy cats show me a bike that JOE has built that looks like ours …get real

  4. joe says:

    thanks for the call today david. appreciate the understanding and removal of my trade name from your sites. i wish you well in the future and good luck with your new name and bike builds.
    joe-wiseguy http://www.wiseguyscustoms.com

  5. Sprecher says:

    thanks Joe…it was Good talkin to you..keep my number and keep intouch…Good luck with your builds

  6. norm younger says:

    Great job.