I started out with only 1000.00.  I found this sad café racer want-a-be with a shell motor for a $1000.00 so I barrowed the money from my Grandparents and got the bike.  I drove the bike for about 2 hours and rolled it in the garage and chop the carp out of it.  


Since I didn’t have any more money I had to recycle everything on the bike or make it.  I build the tank, frame, mid controls, handle bars, fender, and oil bag/battery box.  It took me 2 weeks to chop, weld, paint, pinstripe, and assemble this bike.



The motor is the crown jewel on this bike, and yes Shell him self built the motor the guy is like 95 by now.  I think the bike came out bad ass, so I stated to build another one it’s about 95% done.

Joel Guerra