Simple & Stupid loud Mr. Bob



little info: First bike for me. Found the frame in 5ft of weeds and the motor was found for a sweet 50 bucks. The bike was a blast to build and is a blast to ride.
Tittled as a 1977 21″ Front 16″ rear 5″ stretch in the frame – Thanks for the hard tail FTW forever two wheels chopper! Inspiration provided by Pabst Blue Ribbon


  1. southern girl says:

    can we see some better pics…just cant see what you got going on there….pics look cool just cant see the bike

  2. Blackwidow says:

    looks good

  3. kenb says:

    Is that a VW plate on the alt cover? Some kinda bright light, washes the photos a bit.

  4. stoneygrasshopper says:

    Take better pics and give a better breakdown of your build. It seems like a really cool bike.

  5. JET36 says:

    Will do. Ill repost in a few days. Thanks Guys!!!

  6. norm younger says:

    simple but nice.