Recent Upgrades


I call this Stage 4 because this is the 4th new look for this bike. The fork brace really stiffened ‘er up. Managed to keep the front fender and fork brace.


The final step will be the installation of the rear disk brake. The triple disk brakes will force me to switch wheels to standard alloy rather than the curved alloy “maxim” wheels that are on it now.

I have a stock xs650 that will be nice with these wheels.


Martin Somerset


  1. pg says:

    Very clean cafe. Red is better. Maybe drop the front end a bit.

  2. Rusty Nutz says:

    I’m normally a bobber kind of guy, but I have to admit there’s a proportionality, an antique racer, a certain je ne sais quoi, perhaps a zen suchness, to the red bike, that transcends the possible and opens the consciousness to what one might find within. I admire the man with the forthright insight to make this visionary and bold statement.

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