Marsh/ Midwest Customs Nasty XS 650


Write about your XS650.: Built this bobber from scratch, made the frame has 3 inches of stretch.
Runs DNA springer on the front with 21 inch tire and 10.5 inch disk.


Rear is 16 inch. Engine has 34 mm carbs and higher compression. Frame is powered coated. Seat is covered in carbon fiber material.



Nasty XS 650


  1. matt says:

    damn good looking bike…

  2. Hugh says:

    Whose pipes are those? Haven’t seen them with the upsweep before! Looks good… Bike is soo clean, that now you gotta do something bout that rear hub (haha, its never “done” is it)

  3. ray says:

    Very nice build one of the best I have seen

  4. Marsh says:

    Reply to Hugh, I made the pipes and had them plated,thanks for your comments

  5. Linda says:

    Love the bike

  6. Al says:

    Outstanding bike,very detailed

  7. visimpact says:

    Beautiful job Marsh. Another top notch job!

  8. Blackwidow says:

    Nice bike I’m digging it

  9. TSinOK says:

    Great build marsh.

  10. Rogkabob says:

    Fantastic build Marsh

  11. kenb says:

    Thkz for the shots and that pipe it looks like it would have some bite to it!!! I like. Thkz Kenny B

  12. Seth says:

    I dont know. I mean the fabrication is well done, the bike is built right..but as far as im concerned, she lacks flow, and style. BUT this is why she is yours and not mine. Lets live and let live huh

  13. John Ferguson says:

    Seems like most of the bikes built with detail in mind and a lot of attention to finishing and assembly get critiqued that they look phoney to some degree. I don’t buy in to this critisism. Bikes do not have to look as though they were built by an amatuer with rattle can paint and a converted dog food can for a tailite for me to appreciate it! This bike is very well done and you should be proud of the work that went into it. Don’t get me wrong I’ve used some pretty unique pieces on some of my bikes, so I have an appreciation for almost any build. Bottom line is DOES IT MAKE YOU HAPPY?


  14. CHAD says:

    Damm that is so clean, great build..

  15. Trex says:

    Man I love all your bikes..but I was reeeeeally hoping to ride this one one day. Beautiful job sensai. I learn from a master.

  16. Joshua Rasmussen says:

    Clean build. Looks great.

  17. Sean says:

    you wanna talk about a good looking bike? lol wow. i loove the look of this bike. the colors are great and i like how u took the colors of the tank and fender and used it on the engine. really ties it together