Double Motor Works


It seems like Japan is in the middle of a chopper renaissance.  There are so many talented Japanese cycle builders cranking out killer rides. Its crazy. I caught up with Yoshio at Double Motor Works in Japan. He was cool enough to take a minute out of his busy schedule to give us a few details on his new xs650.


Yoshio-“The carburetor is KEIHIN CR special which is made in Japan. But I use many  different kinds of carburetor for xs650, for example MIKUNI TM  etc…”



Are you influenced by at all?

Yoshio- “When I’m making chopper from domestic bike, I can’t say that I’m not influenced by Bratstyle. I believe that the bikes which I built can be influenced by other builders but are never imitations of anyone. The total balance and style of the bike were my own inspiration with sensitivity to balance.”


I dig the exhaust. The balance between the carb intakes and exhaust really works.

Yoshio- I like the exhaust too thank you.




Double Motor Works Japan.


  1. Hugh says:

    Stupidly High Controls? CHECK…. Badass Exhaust? CHECK…. Super Low Stance? CHECK…. I love it all! Sweet Ride Man…

  2. neoman says:

    Ultra sickness Trumpets from hell rules!

  3. Blackwidow says:

    Looks good

  4. reynoldburton says:

    Another sick ride by a Yapanese – omg what a beauty!
    But it could be a little difficult riding it with this electrical box mounted so deep.
    Ground clearance is maybe one inch or so. And with the knees behind your ears it will not be easier 😉
    But anyways – it looks killer!

  5. Hans from Holland says:

    Great ride, nice lowering job on the back. Batterybox is way too low.
    One bump or pothole and it’s all gone….

  6. lil bastard says:

    Talk about slammin one! Awsome! Looks good dude!

  7. toe. says:

    this is too sexy for adequate words!

  8. kenb says:

    WOW sure liking this brat, some sick ass scoot!! Whats up with the rear brake? Where is the stay? Oh yea hope that batt. has half inch plate wraped around it, that would not work out here in Oregon with the ft. deep pot holes, yea gone baby gone, lookin cool while waiting for the truck,. SWEET.

  9. reynoldburton says:

    Rear break stay could be this “small iron thing” on the rear axle/chain adjuster I think?

  10. Bodhi says:

    I’m not going to drool as thats already been covered so I will say this…

    the more you angle a shock…. the more swingarm travel is needed to get the same amount of shock compression.

    it would be interesting to know what he’s running to compensate for this additional travel. maybe two mono’s

    also, his swingarm is already past the apex point.

    what this means is that when he hits a bump, his chain will only develop more slack. Too much travel means too much slack. This is why you need really stiff shocks for this set-up.

    unless its all for show.

  11. kenb says:

    Hey reynoldburton,
    yes I see it now, it looks like a nice set up. Min. Cool

  12. Wade says:

    I love the bike!! What size is the rear tire, and what are the rear shocks?

  13. Spun says:

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  14. smokinjoe says:

    @ Bodhi….looks to me like the shock is at the bottom of it’s stroke now, which would, essentially, make this a rigid.

    I really like that tall rear tire….sweet, very sweet!!!

  15. reynoldburton says:

    Wade – I think the rear tire could be a 5.00 – 16

  16. John Ferguson says:

    I’ve held my tongue as long as I could in regard to this bike. Don’t get me wrong, this bike has all of the visual characteristics that we all strive for and even I have referenced how it has the look. But come on! Where in God’s green earth are you going to ride this? A snake couldn’t slither under this baby! We all complain about Orange County and their fat tire contraptions and how they are unrideable. Well explain to me where the difference lies! A great build will not only have the looks, but will be functional as well! This bike earns near a 100% on impact but near 0% on rideability. Remember, this is one mans opinion and I’m not asking anyone to agree with me only to take this critique and do with it as they please.

    John Ferguson

  17. Hans from Holland says:

    I do agree with you John,why the hell the battery is mounted that low? There’s so much space to higher it up, and a small 4,5 amp gelbattery will do the job, great advantage is those things can be mounted on their side. Do this and the battery could be at least 4 inch higher then now. But… Bodhi has got an important point, swingarm mountingpoint is too far out of sprocketsline with this setup (sorry for my grabby english).

  18. John Ferguson says:

    Hey Hans

    Keep building bikes like you do and you can use any kind of english that you want!! We don’t care, just keep CRANKIN THEM OUT!!

    John Ferguson

  19. R.C says:

    other than the battery and footpegs I think its perfection~!~ and the one that will be use as a guide for the ’77 project here.

  20. Lance says:

    I really dig this one- really hit it out of the park in my opinion. Great style and workmanship!

  21. Bodhi says:

    Bottom line,
    with 2″ taller shocks and pull the forks up to match , you could actually ride it.

    it does look good parked though.

  22. HoeyUno says:

    There making crazy bikes out there. I was on one of there sites and checking out the prices….Wow!! they dont come cheap.

  23. Wade says:

    Battery Battery Battery!!….The bike is awesome we all agree, but everyone bitches about the battery…BUT is it a battery at all or is it simply a block to hold the bike in the upright position for the photograph? I mean c’mon if it is a battery, forget about rideability you couldn’t even move it at all…so is it a battery????????? Or if it is a battery is it there to hold up the bike and not functional?

  24. Bodhi says:

    You can see the kickstand in the third pic down, it a battery

  25. Dave says:

    It wouldn’t even take something as bad as a pothole to seriously f%#@ this thing up. It looks great, but in desperate need of some more ingenuity.

  26. Barney says:

    I really like where the front signals are mounted, i wish i could have a closer look at that. I also wish i could see the other side of the bike. It looks like you have done something with the shifter. Yeah it looks like the battery could get messed up but go to a permanant magnet and that will fix that.

  27. norm younger says:

    How does it sound?

  28. Big John says:

    Remember, it’s all about what the builder wants. His expression. No matter what anybody thinks. It’s his right. Thats what it’s all about. Nice job my friend on your scoot and you all keep up the good work.