It seems like Japan is in the middle of a chopper renaissance.  There are so many talented Japanese cycle builders cranking out killer rides. Its crazy. I caught up with Yoshio at Double Motor Works in Japan. He was cool enough to take a minute out of his busy schedule to give us a few details on his new xs650.


Yoshio-“The carburetor is KEIHIN CR special which is made in Japan. But I use many  different kinds of carburetor for xs650, for example MIKUNI TM  etc…”



Are you influenced by bratstyle.com at all?

Yoshio- “When I’m making chopper from domestic bike, I can’t say that I’m not influenced by Bratstyle. I believe that the bikes which I built can be influenced by other builders but are never imitations of anyone. The total balance and style of the bike were my own inspiration with sensitivity to balance.”


I dig the exhaust. The balance between the carb intakes and exhaust really works.

Yoshio- I like the exhaust too thank you.




Double Motor Works Japan.


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