Buschandbusch.com Tokyo Thug XS650

Busch Bros

Vid of our newly finished XS650 buschandbusch chopper on dyno. Not an impressive run- AFR was maxing out the scale, so we enlarged the pilots and raised the needles and threw it on later. The pipes certainly don’t help performance, but to keep the style we’ll remake them with larger diameter tubing. See more pics at buschandbusch.com


  1. Blackwidow says:

    So care to share any numbers from that dyno ride??Looks sweet

  2. lance says:

    this run- 17hp. 20:1 air fuel ratio, and clutch slipping, went back to the drawing board and three runs later and oil change, clutch adjustment, velocity stacks and carb cleanout/adjustment netted 35, now those are SAE numbers. Dynojet would be around 40. Completely stock, high mileage motor, so I think for now it’s not bad. If anything happens to the engine then I redesign the pipes and rebuild with hi-po parts 🙂