Build in progress


I picked up this bike about four years ago never owning or riding before. The first thing I set about acquiring was the 250mm tire on it currently, American chopper and a cousins recent wide tire build set my mind it that direction. This proved to be the thing that stopped me dead in my tracks for a period of about a year and a half.


I had the tire now I needed to build the bike around it. Things just got in my way, we have a lot of Harley people here but the metric crowd don’t chop that much. So not knowing a thing about chopping I turned to the media, not the best thing to do but I gained a really good grasp of what I liked and what I thought was the equivalent of a polished turd. Indian Larry became a big inspiration to me, the detail and the old 60’s style bike just appeal to me.


Now here is where I lose people, most people in my shoes realizing the style they like is nothing like what they had thought would sell the crazy expensive rear tire and pick up the cash to finish a sensible bobber. Sorry that an’t me. I like that big ass tire and I’ll have my version of Larry’s bikes. I’m gona do it my way and if it means getting on the road why should anyone care? I have been poking at this site for a bit now and in posting here I hope to gain feedback good and bad. You guys/girls don’t know me but I have found inspiration in your bikes. This site is my kind of bikes and for me that was hard to find. I haven’t seen a hole lot of builds on the site but hopefully my story fits, cheers.

Adam Nichol


  1. Spun says:

    Great start man. Is that the front wheel your going to stay with?

  2. Adam says:

    I might switch it out for a 21” chrome wire wheel to match the back or that one will be painted black and re-spoked with chrome spokes. If that happens the rear will be done to match.

  3. Spun says:

    What did you do about sprocket alignment? Or did you get that far yet? Looks good.

  4. Adam says:

    I’ll be using a jackshaft should be machining it shortly after Christmas. The trick with that is sprocket spacing on the rear.

  5. Rob says:

    I like it Adam, Fat tire short wheelbase. Awesome start. Keep the pics coming during your build. If your really lookin fer feedback “good or bad”, I don’t like the seat, but then I have not gotten as far as you have so far. Take it as you wish. Keep Choppin ;>)

  6. Bodhi says:

    You’re right dude, I don’t care….but seriously

    “feedback good or bad”…………………..

    Nice simple wide tire frame was a good start, don’t ruin it with that funky seat. ( the door was open) You did weld a plate between the two frame halves didn’t you. So Believe it or not , Ole skool does not mean those guys thirty years ago had any good ideas. In fact some of their ideas were pure crap. There is a way to get a classic look without making all the classic mistakes. (I’ll let you know when I figured it out)

    And I’d swap out for a round rear fender or cut that one down considerably. But who asked me. (Well you did)

    and lastly , don’t stand up on the seat without a helmet while driving down the road. Thats how Larry kicked. (dumbass)

  7. Adam says:

    Loving the feed back “good or bad”, the way they did it years ago is the guide line not the rule. I’m a old school hard ass type of guy myself so chances are this bike will be something that most people hate and that works for me. The thing is I will listen to my own judgement 9/10 times over yours but you guys are impartial and honest, as long as it’s respectful, and you can’t buy that. Thanks again. Larry was hard as nails and lived without fear,we all can hope to be so lucky.

  8. Blackwidow says:

    Nice rear wheel