78 xs650sp cafe/tracker


Write about your XS650.: This is my 650 I built about 5 years ago , it was total scrap untill I built it from the frame up , it has a hotwing seat that hinges on a stock pan , hooker header with a yoshimura carbon fiber muffler , it`s a blast to ride.


mark anthony


  1. brian says:

    I want to hear it with that yosh pipe on there. I love the sound of those muffs on rice burners.

  2. kenb says:

    Mark nice Tracker,the tuning forks on the tank nice touch, the paint looks great and that swing arm is that off a radian, and the muff whats that sound like?? Thanks for sharing your sweet ride. KenB

  3. mark A says:

    yes it has a radian swing arm on it now , it`s stiffer than stock and looks better also , the pipe sounds great , the best xs650 I`ve ever heard ,I have a chopper project in the works , but still in the collecting stage .

  4. Blackwidow says:

    I’d love to hear that sound you should make a youtube vid

  5. kenb says:

    yea I’am sure it sounds sweet, I would love to hear it! it sure is a nice build, I’am lookin to build a trials xs 650, in the gathering stage also, got the donor, lookin for tank, ect. Lovin it!

  6. John Ferguson says:


    Very nice and well assembled bike. It’s nice to see diversity on this site. I’m a fan of all kinds of bikes and won’t limit myself to choppers/bobbers only. A bike like yours’ will soon be on our list of to do projects and can only hope it will be as pristine as yours. Build s’more.

    John Ferguson

  7. mark A says:

    thanks for the nice coments guys ,

  8. Blackwidow says:

    is it hard to push that rear brake pedal with the exhaust right there?

  9. mark A says:

    the exhaust doesnt interfear with the brake at all , it looks funny in the picture but it works as normal as stock .

  10. Hugh says:

    Are you in NC, I swear I saw this bike near Salisbury at a Show last year…

  11. mark A says:

    hugh , yes you did , that was our clubs vintage bike show . I looked at your bike briefly because I was running the show , I was too busy to spend much time with any one bike . I hope you can make it this year may 1st. I read your whole article on pirate 4×4 a couple of weeks ago , it was great !!!!!! I love your bike and the work you have put into it .

  12. Hugh says:

    Sure why not! I might have a few bike to bring this year if I get them done int time… I knew that was the same bike I saw from the cam covers, those are really kick ass… May 1st, I’ll write it down….


  13. Hugh says:

    PS, if you guys have email announcements or something like that, sign me up…