77 XS650 chop cycle corpse


I picked this bike up from a friend few years ago for $600. it was stock and rusty as hell.
I chopped the back end off and moved the shocks mounts forward a few inches in the frame, welded new shock mounts in and picked up some drop shocks to the bike would sit lower.  i narrowed the bars that the seat sits on to get rid of that boxy frame look.


custom made a battery box and used an old front fender off another xs for the rear fender. I made the bars myself and ran a internal throttle.  I have plans to do a internal clutch next so there is nothing on the bars but the grips.



shaved off the front brake mounts and painted everything flat black. Just running headers now. plans for the future include – new pipes, smaller headlight and maybe some engine mods.


  1. tadd442 says:

    Did you make the internal throttle or buy one?

  2. Blackwidow says:

    Looks good

  3. Big L says:

    where did you get your turn signal light…

  4. cycle corpse says:

    I bought the internal throttle.
    The turn signals in the front were ordered off of ebay, and the ones in the back were old ones a friend found in his garage

  5. shawn says:

    stupid question but, as a new builder, can I use a single pull throttle for both carbs? thanks

  6. This is rad. The little t-bars are just screamin’ for a skate board to be tied to

  7. Hey Man,

    I used a photo of your brat on my blog.


    If you don’t want it up there, let me know and it will be gone.

    Speedin’ Doug

  8. cycle corpse says:

    That is no problem at all.
    I never thought of strapping my board to it, was going to make a sissy bar for that purpose, but i like the idea of it on the front!

  9. Pbehne says:

    Where did you get the seat? Or did you make it?

  10. cycle corpse says:

    its an old solo seat i bought. I just put my bands t-shirt over it and sewed it on.

  11. voodootimm says:

    man i know this is an old post and I probably wont get any responses since it’s so old, but I’d love to know where you got the internal throttle from and how difficult it was to work with.

  12. norm younger says:

    Those are some narrow bars.

  13. Pete says:

    Did I just see this bike in Hobo with a Shotgun?

  14. corpse says:

    yep, thats me driving it

  15. corpse says:

    the internal throttle i got off ebay i think. been a few years, i dont really recall. It was one of the easiest ive used