200mm rear stretched custom XS650


Write about your XS650.: This is my first xs650 chopper build. I needed something to occupie my time after divorce, this is what i came up with, black widow 200mm kit, i build on the existing frame, and alot of other parts, custom exhaust, hd front end and a stretch gas tank.


Its a 1976 motor and its still stoke other then the electronic ignition.. feel free to tell me what you think i know its got faults, but it was a fun winter project..




  1. matt says:

    Looks absolutely tits to me man. Nice build.

  2. Miguel Garcia says:

    I agree with Matt , looks great! very very cool looking bike.

  3. Joel Mekolites says:

    Dude that is awesome ride it

  4. Blackwidow says:

    this bike has style and personality I love it

  5. Tebo says:

    Thayne, the frame is totally sick-ass. And the tank sets off the stretched backbone beautifully. Any plans to shave the forks? Please(!) post the completion.

  6. thayne says:

    Thanks for all your comments, I enjoyed building this with my brother and my dad. We all put in long hours in the garage to get it done for the summer to play.. I apreciate all of the insperation and imagination Ive seen on this site.. We are now building my brother one.. ? for everyone out there should i paint this bike.. Or just seal the metal so it wont rust and ride the hell out of it..

  7. Sean from boston says:

    Wow that Frame looks GREAT! good looking bike!

  8. norm younger says:

    By far the best looking bike ive seen on this site. FANTASTIC! Great frame absolutley love it.