yamadog update


Write about your XS650.: This is my 1979 xs 650 i bought a year ago for a $100 i rode the bike home cut the pipes off, slapped on a new gas tank and away i went. I rode it for the summer and loved it i decided to chop before i even new people where building them as soon as got cold i got started.

I made the hard tail from 1″ tubing and the old swing arm  stretched it 5″ and dropped it so it wold set 2.5″ off the ground kickstands or overrated. i got the springer from a friend  for $40. when i put it on i had to rake it to a 51 degree rake i hand made the battery box to keep it Klein. I’m almost done ill send some new pics as soon as I’m done.


  1. ames says:

    groovy chopper man

  2. jeff says:

    nice work