xs650 extended swingarm bobber


Write about your XS650.: This is my first build and I’ve got a ways to go still. Tell me what you think i will update as the bike comes along.


  1. JET36 says:

    any pics of the stretch in process? looks cool

  2. JesC says:

    I got the bike with the stretch welded already on the swing arm, pretty much a basket case. But i do have a couple pictures of what it looked like when i got it. If you want to check out my blog i will post those pictures for you Jet36. . Thanks for the comment.

  3. JET36 says:

    Thanks JesC
    IM trying to figure out how to get this bike to look right with a soft tail. I have a hard tail, but it sucks for the wife… Working on a new “Brat” (2up)

  4. JesC says:

    OK got some up on my blog of the swing arm when i got the bike. I see a lot of people that just lower the seat rails without extending the swing arm or do both. I decided to not to drop the seat and keep the stock side covers and battery location. This is just my first build and im kinda sticking to the cheapest i can get her done and on the road. But i know after this one i want to build another i got got tons of ideas for builds.

  5. Lars says:

    Hey, Yer bike looks sweet. I’m just getting started on my first build, but I know I want to keep the shock and swing arm for comfort, so any info on extending the swing arm and moving the shocks would be great. Thanks, Lars

  6. Doug says:

    Nice work. I like the look of the streched swingarm. I did one and I know it is tricky. I will post some photos of it. Keep us posted!


  7. erik says:

    how much stretch on the arm? looks real good an fits the rest of the bike very well.