xs Learning Experience


I used a wiring diagram for kickstart only I found on one of these sites. I have compared alot of different digrams I have seen and they all are very simular.It fired off on second kick! Runs like shit,I need to clean the carbs. I used a TC brothers electrical Can and foreward controls from them as well.


Those 2 items cost more than I had into the whole bike. I splurged on a new front tire as well. Im just at 900.00 The rear fender is a front fender I am trying to make work. Its more hell than its worth. The tank is ebay, I stole it for 30.00 bucks. I still need alot more done, but Im having a good time at it. Thanks to all for the info on this site.

Travis Dodson


  1. Russ says:

    Its looking good

  2. Mr.Dirtbikes says:

    I think change the front wheel might as well. It’s look mismatch with back one.

  3. Travis says:

    I stripped it back to the frame this weekend. there were to many little things i needed to finish on it . Im going to clean up the frame and get it powder coated. Do some other things on it a little cleaner, slower. Shave the legs and what not. Its almost as fun tearing it down as it was putting it together.

  4. Tebo says:

    Way to go ,Travis! You’ve come a long way from the two bikes on the back of your truck. The ‘splurge’for the tire is worth it. It’s the last thing between you and the road. The seat’s cool too. New? And yeah, you stole the tank. The fender’s close enough for Rock & Roll. Maybe some carflex to cover the wires and it looks like she’s ready for some paint. Don’t sweat the petty stuff (just remember to pet the sweaty stuff).