XS 650 Chopper “Holy Terror” ride

This is a short ride video downtown Indianapolis on my XS 650 chopper named “Holy Terror.” This bike has been such a long process to build so I am really enjoying being able to finally ride it here. Huge thanks goes out to Dennis Miller and Andrew Lucas for all the work they put in on this as well. My weirdo brother filmed this, and yes,….he does have the hollywood sign on the dash of his car at all times??? Don’t ask why?
Video Song by – ZEKE – “On through the night”


  1. Traversable says:

    Sweet Ride ! Thanks for the vid!

  2. Blackwidow says:

    looks like alot of fun

  3. sean from boston says:

    sweet looking ride but that sissy bar scares the hell out of me,

  4. mr wonderful says:

    what a joke!