SO FAR I HAVE ZERO INVESTMENT dont knock me too harshly


Write about your XS650.: Well, after many years of bartering many diff bikes I managed to come up with someone elses POS. but its was/is a viable POS~, long story short, here it is in the beginning mock up stages,,, 80 xs special, 4deg rake stock swingarm but has been hard tailed, I have no clue what I am doing  since I am a bolt-on and ride type of fella, But I wanted something different than the weld on and ride type bikes, it was a runner when I got it but was huge messed up and jury rigged!,so far I have made the carbon fiber rear fender (f-22 raptor part) and am attempting to tackle my first tank, this pic reflects the tank I am useing Early dirtbike tank, work I have done: forward controls, fender,  seating,, work to do, full stripping and paint, finish machining  all the brass doo-dads  will be using, but so far I have actually put money in my pocket getting this, the overall cost will be less than 100.00. dont harsh me too hard cause I see so many kick ass scoots here,


Although I have never owned a hardtail; anything, I have been riding for over 30 years, I have never actually built one or even repaired someones else’s mistakes. Washington weather demands a winter project!
First pic is my first attempt at fitting the tank
second is anouther view …………..
~shrugs~ any advice or tips, likes,disslikes?


  1. Tebo says:

    Nobody’s going to ‘harsh’ you about nothin’, bro’. You built it yourself, so if anybody says anything, ask ’em “Where’s the bike you built?” If thiers’ totally rocks, ask them how they built it. Same goes for somebody that brings one back from the dead. You brought it to life, Doctor. Hope it’s a good monster for ya.

  2. R.C says:

    Thank you tebo, I wish I knew more about fabricating, but is a learning curve. I have only rode this thing for about a mile or so, the geometry of it seems pretty decent, having nothing to compair it to I can ony assume its right, I can let go of the handelbars at speed and it tracks real well.
    The TV guys make fabbing look so easy with all the fancy tools and such I am only using a hammer and block of wood, I am shooting for a rat, poor man build so far I am right on that path.
    but it is mine………after this one I am going to do a motoguzzi powerd one…. this is the learning curve machine

  3. angus67 says:

    what did you use for the exhaust extensions? I use a floor lamp on mine! mine looks brushed steel, yours looks simular, but polished. Ide love to come see it, im in shelton, Wa

  4. kenb says:

    R.C. hope to see ya riding it soon, I will stop by by soon, beins I live down the road, glad to see the speedo. Later Kenny B

  5. R.C says:

    the exhaust ext were on it when I got it dunno what they are from….. And thanks again for your speedo Ken as well as your encouragement, I know mine isnt anyplace near what yours is but it is my first build/custom and the budget is extreemly limited…. stop over anytime aft this week I will have two more…….. PARTS?. I still feel like I owe ya

  6. felipe says:

    Great job man I like the 90 degree turn downs for the air filters. Keep up the good work and can’t wait to see more pictures. Ride hard f*ck the man.

  7. R.C says:

    There are some pics of it as it sits right now.. 99% completed.

  8. mark owner & biulder of max pian says:

    if you like it that all that counts like good guy