Not Bratstyle- “Bertstyle” FOR SALE!


Write about your XS650.:  For starter i work at a local Japanese motorcycle shop, this is where i came across this bike, it was the original owner trading it in on something a bit newer, already having 2 xs650’s in the works the bike caught my eye.  I talked my boss into getting me a great price on it and very quickly brought it home. over the past winter i stripped the bike and painted everything!


I tore the motor down and rebuilt it from the bottom up, all new gaskets, made the custom exhaust out of 350 scrambler headers and alot of heat.  Took the original seat pan and cut it to the shape i was looking for and had my local seat guy go to town on it.  i was going for the bratstyle theme, but got mixed between that and a dirt tracker.


It was a great ride at the begining of the summer then i let it sit in the garage while i was distracted by so many other things, just a week ago i went to fire it up as its now for sale and it only runs on the choke, i realy don’t even have time now to take the carbs off and clean them, so i am selling it as it sits, looking to get $1500.


lots of custom 1 off parts on this bike, great sound, beautiful candy red tank, all the chrome is excellant condition and like i said before all the pain is new, even the forks have been gone through as well, steering bearing replaced with a tapered roller style, swing arm bushing are updated to bronze, new chain great rubber, honda cr125 front brake master with speigler line. if interested email thanks for checking it out!


  1. Matt says:

    I like this bike a lot. Kinda what I’m going for with my motorsickle. Is that really the original seat pan? If so, I’m so going to town on mine…been holding back as it’s a completely mint original seat, but if I can get it to look similar I’ll be happy.

  2. Tony Campbell says:

    Is the bike still for sale and were are you located.I am in Taylorsville NC

  3. uncle sonny says:


  4. J-Bagz says:

    yeah its still for sale currently on ebay!!! check it out

  5. chuck says:

    Check with your tech on the carbs and let me know how much to get them cleaned and the motor running correctly. Thanks.

  6. kirk says:

    did u sell it as yet…

  7. norm younger says:

    Nice and clean. Cool pipes.

  8. RJ from the ole school says:

    I like this bike,,,,it looks like the old Triumph scrambler,,,,wide bars, dual side pipes, long seat and long fork dust covers,,,,,the candy red color sort of offsets the long Yammer Hammer tank,,,even the limp dick tail lite fits in with the whole thing,,,,I think I’ll build one just like it except I’ll call it RJstyle

  9. Phil says:

    who made that seat for you?