Well after about 14 of fiddelin with my xs I finally got to go for a ride. I took about an hour of messing with the timing and carbs and such but she fired right up. The boyer ignition is worth its weight in gold. shes a one or two kicker. Now that I know it runs time to tear her apart and clean her up and make everything permenent. Here a little vid of the first ride. LOL


  1. Ted says:

    Joel, This ride keeps getting sicker with every variation. BadASS!

  2. Blackwidow says:

    nice bike one of the best bratstyles I’ve seen

  3. Spun says:

    Killer brat Joel. I know you most likely get this all the time but how much rear wheel travel do you really have? As much as it looks? Happy thanksgiving.

  4. Joel Mekolites says:

    Thanks guys. I am really diggin it too. I am so glad the hardtail I originally wanted to use wasn’t a direct fit to this 72 frame. I am so glad I went brat bike. I really love the look. Something a little different than all the hardtails. I’m not sure on the rear travel. Worst case it rubs bottom of the fender or I’ll loose it. I really didn’t want one on there anyways. I finished up the footpegs yesterday and tore some of the bike apart. I gotta do some welding on the seat area and make some exhaust brackets and then she will be ready to come apart.

  5. Skylar says:

    Could I ask you about the shocks? I’m interested in keeping the frame stock but lowering ride height in the rear. Thanks, and fantastic bike. Good work you put in dude. -S

  6. reynoldburton says:

    Don´t know about the shocks he used, but you could try it with Honda Rebel shocks. They are about 10″ long. Also work will some short ATV or Quad shocks, if you are lucky you get it at eBay for little money.

    By the way – Joels bike is a real nice one! Why flat black now? Dont get me wrong, it looks good. Did not like the paintjobs you did before?

  7. Joel Mekolites says:

    I used the rebel shocks. I had to finish the welds up on the tank and got it lined today. I hope to get it painted this week. The red tank in the pics is a mock up tank I built. It has no botom in it. LOL

  8. Nicky C says:

    what bars are those?

  9. Joel Mekolites says:

    Found them at swapmeet they are about 11″ tall but are straight across at top no pullback They are like drag bars when you put your hands on them