I recently sold my last XS650, and am using the funds to build a replacement. I don’t own a car, so this one has to get finished before the old bike is completely payed for. This is actually the 3RD XS chop I’ve posted here. specs so far:


2″ stretch in the hardtail, 4″ ground clearance
stock rake
SEVERELY shortened XS forks w/ narrow glide axle
shaved XS triple clamps
21″ (3/4″ axle) narrow glide front rim
16×3.5 (3/4″ axle) rear rim
Wassell replica tank (swiped it off my girl’s bratbike)
1/8″ steel seat pan
12″ apes

freshly rebuilt motor, painted and polished, with all stainless hardware
“overdrive” 5th gear from Mike’s (still curious to see how much of a difference it’ll make at highway speeds)
PAMCO ignition
Polished aluminum, ribbed fender
Speedmaster front/ coker rear tires
shaved forks of the brake/fender mounts
coil mounted under tank tunnel
1.5″ headers (will have bell end mufflers eventually)
top motor mount removed
stock neck gussets removed (will be re-gusseted)
one-off forward controls (still making them)
18/32 gearing (had to make a rear sprocket)
softail style rear caliper
hayes rear master cylinder
1/8″ hard brake line


still alot to do, (fake oil bag for electronics, 34mm VM carbs, fender struts, tail light, tag bracket, chain tensioner, etc) but couldn’t resist posting a couple of pics.
The tank is getting painted in a psycadelic black/silver/white swirl pattern. Rear fender is staying polished, frame is just getting gloss black.
Nothing fancy, but should a be a sweet lil ride once it’s done.


xs650 tanktop
xs650 mug
xs650 Bandana
xs650 long sleeve