Metalhead’s next daily ride


I recently sold my last XS650, and am using the funds to build a replacement. I don’t own a car, so this one has to get finished before the old bike is completely payed for. This is actually the 3RD XS chop I’ve posted here. specs so far:


2″ stretch in the hardtail, 4″ ground clearance
stock rake
SEVERELY shortened XS forks w/ narrow glide axle
shaved XS triple clamps
21″ (3/4″ axle) narrow glide front rim
16×3.5 (3/4″ axle) rear rim
Wassell replica tank (swiped it off my girl’s bratbike)
1/8″ steel seat pan
12″ apes

freshly rebuilt motor, painted and polished, with all stainless hardware
“overdrive” 5th gear from Mike’s (still curious to see how much of a difference it’ll make at highway speeds)
PAMCO ignition
Polished aluminum, ribbed fender
Speedmaster front/ coker rear tires
shaved forks of the brake/fender mounts
coil mounted under tank tunnel
1.5″ headers (will have bell end mufflers eventually)
top motor mount removed
stock neck gussets removed (will be re-gusseted)
one-off forward controls (still making them)
18/32 gearing (had to make a rear sprocket)
softail style rear caliper
hayes rear master cylinder
1/8″ hard brake line


still alot to do, (fake oil bag for electronics, 34mm VM carbs, fender struts, tail light, tag bracket, chain tensioner, etc) but couldn’t resist posting a couple of pics.
The tank is getting painted in a psycadelic black/silver/white swirl pattern. Rear fender is staying polished, frame is just getting gloss black.
Nothing fancy, but should a be a sweet lil ride once it’s done.



  1. Steve says:

    Nice looking bike !!!

  2. toe. says:

    why do i love your bikes so much?

  3. looking tough. judging by all your previous bikes, i am sure it will be a good runner for sure.

  4. Ted says:

    Nice!! Superclean job I like how you mounted the rear brake. I have been planning to get that style finder from our bike..

  5. tadd442 says:

    I should know this but, where did you get the headers?

  6. metalhead says:

    they’re just 1.5″ XSPerformance single wall headers. Mike’s and 650 Central both sell them. I honestly was going to make my own pipes, but never got a chance to, and I had these already. I may change them later, after I see how the rest of the bike turns out.

    thanks for all the compliments from everyone too!

  7. Blackwidow says:

    that rear disc wheel looks great on there

  8. 2Bluracing says:

    Sleezey 🙂

  9. mo650chopper says:

    What do you have to do to mount an XS650 sprocket on a HD rear wheel?

  10. metalhead says:

    it’s not an HD sprocket. As far as I know, you can’t get a pre-made 32t, or even close, sprocket for an HD hub without a special order. I bought a 32t #50 (same as a 530) sprocket with no bolt holes, just a 2″ center bore. I used an old harley sprocket, lined up the center bores, and marked the pattern. Drilled it, and bolted it on. The harley hub has a 2″ lip for the sprocket to sit on, so it will stay hub-centric. I did the same thing on my last bike, and have been riding that bike every day, rain or shine, for over 2 years. Never had a problem. You can get the sprocket blanks online for about 15 bucks, and they’re hardened steel to boot.

  11. reynoldburton says:

    Will be a killer ride if it´s finished – it´s a beauty up now!

  12. judas13 says:

    metalhead,can you give me the site where you bought that blank sprocket? can’t seem to find it on your recent post.
    thanks and my compliments on your builds.

  13. metalhead says:

    don’t have the link, but I do believe it’s

  14. judas13 says:

    thanks,metalhead.goodluck to your build.

  15. james farmer says:

    where did you get thos bars at?

  16. metalhead says:

    they are 12″ apes from TCBros. Much sturdier than the bicycle bars I’ve used in the past, lol!

  17. sean from boston says:

    love everything about this bike but the bars, however the rest of the bike makes up for it and thats just because Ape’s aren’t for me Love the rim’s