Write about your XS650.: 90 degree rephase,750 kit, hot cam, backwards head, runs like a bat outa hell.


Andy Wolfskill


  1. Ted says:

    I tried to get more info on this frankenbob but had no luck. With a different seat and tank on this thing you’d have a super gnarly looking street tracker. I’ve seen triumphs with backwards headers but this is the first time I’ve seen a xs650 set up like this. Crazy stuff!! Thanks for sending in the pictures Andy.

  2. Spun says:

    I wonder how that set up would perform in wet weather? Very cool though. I’t solves alot of the single carb mod issues on the xs.

  3. brian says:

    fugly! cool motor work though.

  4. JET36 says:

    You named it right. Nice motor work. Lose that seat and tilt that tank!

  5. Blackwidow says:

    How did you do that motor work it’s really cool

  6. k69 says:

    Bourget forward controls???

  7. Hesh says:

    So cool yet so ?????

  8. JesC says:

    Sick motor and swing arm!!! I have never seen a xs650 motor like that, very cool..

  9. Rob says:

    Need more pics and tech notes on this one.

  10. skr00zloose says:

    not a fan of the looks, but the motor interests me. Couple questions though:

    1- that looks like a PAMCO ignition, how did you get it to run with a rephase, since it’s only got a single trigger?

    2- what did it take to spin the head like that? Kinda makes me want to go downstairs and drop a set of jugs and a head (backwards) on one of my empty cases, just to see. obviously you didn’t spin the jugs (tensioner is still at the back). Was it just a matter of re-dowling the head/jugs? it CAN’T be that simple, lol

    3- how’d you get that ( I think) gsxr swinger in there? I tried it once but gave up and used another arm b/c the pivot was way too wide. Looks like you modded the back half of the frame to fit. got any close up pics?

    4- where’d you get a crankpin to do a 90 degree rephase?

    again, not my style, but I can appreciate the work it probably took to make it all function, and my hats off to ya.

  11. bob rodriguez says:

    this bike rocks———really unique and would love to build one myself , would appreciate any further information .

  12. Billybobba says:

    Mate get a bit of tilt on that tank for F#%ks sake!!!!

  13. Andy says:

    I didnt think anyone would like the seat, but it sure is comfy.
    The ignition is from Mark Whitebrook.
    The crank pin came from my good friend from down under Terry Gliddon [].
    The trick on turning the head around is cutting and flipping the rocker arms to the oposite cam lobe. I built a jig to keep them strait.
    Theres also some oil supply and return problems to deal with.
    I’ll try again to get some detailed pictures up.
    I also had to some welding on the head mateing sufface to get the head gasket to seal.

  14. Dave says:

    Looks awesome, yeah, ok, the tank… I’ll leave it alone, you like it…

    do you have any in progress pics? I’d love to see some. Also, any troubles spinning the heads? I’m interested in doing one, I’ve tried doing an XS project, but have sold all four before I even started…

  15. Andy says:

    I tried to send in more pics but it didnt work, is there an email adderss I can send to?

  16. Ted says:


  17. Americanbarber82 says:

    That poor XS!

  18. nobody says:

    Love the idea, but its ugly as hell….sorry. Having done a rephased xs myself, I am really skeptical on the single carb deal, I dont see that working. Oil flow issues aside, I’d Love to see a video of it running and revving up. I also have an ignition from Mark out of Cali. I love the ignition and its SUPER engineered, I would recommend his ignition to anyone doing an xs and wanting super tunability….sorry, made up word. Please post a video soon. Later.