Write about your XS650.: This is my 1979 xs650 i picked up over the last summer. It is my first bike aside from an old yammie 400it i used to rip feilds with. When i got it it had already been hardtailed and in the paint its in now (the down&dirty and paint scheme was not my idea, although i wish it had been).



I haven’t done anything really cosmetic to the bike yet aside from the speedo and taillight cover, but there was alot of mechanical work to do to get her rideable. So far ive redone everything from tapered head bearings to wiring&gaskets and spreading the rear frame.



Shes pretty near done exept of it lacking a speedo cable, apes and a plate, (and im only 18 and not fully licensed yet) …this upcoming summer should be a blast.

Thanks jamie duffy

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