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Email :
Name: Justin
Title of your post: The Best (homemade) Bike Table Ever


Justin has submitted a couple of his xs 650 to the site.   Watch your e-mail Justin I need your shipping info to pass on to Tyler@ Lowbrow Customs so he can get your helmet sent out.

Thanks to everyone who sent in articles. It will take a bit longer to fill out the xs650-library but this is a great start. Thanks again to Tyler @ Lowbrow Customs.


Would you like to win a free metal flake helmet?

Of course you would! Here’s how you can.

Here’s the deal. Send in a technical or How To article that would be helpful to someone Chopping a Yamaha XS650. To enter and win send in a how-to article that is at least 200 words (that’s only a paragraph) and has two pictures. A good how-to article should have a beginning and end. The idea here is to have useful information for some one who is building a Yamaha XS650 chopper. Here are some good examples LOWER YOUR XS650 FORKS or this wiring diagram.  For ideas on article topics look through the xs650-library or the xs650 links section or look through the comments for questions that come up frequently.

You can submit your article using the submission form here.

  • Each article submitted puts your e-mail address in “The Hat” for a chance to win the biltwill helmet.
  • Enter as many times as you like.
  • The winners e-mail address will be randomly packed from “The Hat” on 12/14/09 .
  • Anyone in the world can enter.
    (As long as Tyler from lowbrow customs can legally ship to you he will)
  • Plagiarism is not cool, however; if you have written something somewhere else you can republish it.

Again, to qualify the article most:

  1. Be at least 200 words (that’s only a paragraph)
  2. Have at least two high quality descriptive pictures.
  3. Be Yamaha XS650 chopper related.
  4. Have Fun!

Thanks to Tyler@ Lowbrow Customs.

If you haven’t already, check out > Lowbrow Customs where you can pick up all kinds of parts for your ride.


  1. PVKM says:

    And where would we be sending these tutorials at?

  2. PVKM says:

    Cool thx

  3. tadd442 says:

    Why not have the entries posted as comments?
    Then we, the readers can see/learn from ALL of the ideas, not just the winner.

  4. bloodhound says:

    Do It Your Damn Yourself Contest:
    Maybe you mean Do it your damn self contest.

  5. Ted says:

    Thanks bloodhound. I fixed it.

  6. Ted says:

    @tadd442 – All entries will be published. The winner will be picked from the entries at random. “learn from ALL of the ideas” that’s the whole idea. we want to build up the xs library.

    The idea here is to have useful information for some one who is building a Yamaha XS650 chopper.

  7. tadd442 says:

    Of course it is Ted, I guess I didn’t gather that all of the entries would be accessible from the rules/description…great nonetheless!

  8. great idea Ted, and even more thanks to Tyler from Lowbrow for the generous donation.

  9. Jose says:

    But I really really like them ! ! !

    I the site too.

  10. Earz says:

    I’ve got like 16 pictures, can I just hotlink them in my descrition? If so, do I still need to upload two pics?

  11. Ted says:

    Yes you can hotlink in the description but you will have to upload 2 pictures for the form to work.

  12. jessie says:

    damn teds that helmet is SICK! lemme get one of those for when im riding my cruiser around LA… schwinn 7speed beach cruiser that is hahaha!

  13. Wooley says:

    I could adapt for this probably