Write about your XS650.: So here it is. Built this in winter of 2009.  It’s a 79 Yamaha xs 650.  Getting this bike to where i wanted it didnt take too long but at times felt like forever cause i just wanted to ride..  I like to call my chopped yama-haha “dirty hearted” because like a heart in a body, the motor on the bike runs the whole damn thing and everything else is clean besides the dirty motor.



If you dont like my bike name…. Go fuck yourself.
Its a pretty bare bones design as you can see.  But thats how I like em.  Im not a big fan of arc sparks while im riding so i wired it all up to be bulletproof which consisted of heavy soldering, and alot of electical tape.  I had the frame, rims, dumbo tank and handlebars all powder coated jack black for durability.  Had my friend Adam Blasdale of Rochester, NY paint the tank.  Came out awesome. Thanks Addy.


I would like to mess around with building another one. So this ones FOR SALE so i can afford to do so.  email @  till then, out.

Jim Warner

xs650 tanktop
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 Bandana
xs650 mug