Dirty Hearted


Write about your XS650.: So here it is. Built this in winter of 2009.  It’s a 79 Yamaha xs 650.  Getting this bike to where i wanted it didnt take too long but at times felt like forever cause i just wanted to ride..  I like to call my chopped yama-haha “dirty hearted” because like a heart in a body, the motor on the bike runs the whole damn thing and everything else is clean besides the dirty motor.



If you dont like my bike name…. Go fuck yourself.
Its a pretty bare bones design as you can see.  But thats how I like em.  Im not a big fan of arc sparks while im riding so i wired it all up to be bulletproof which consisted of heavy soldering, and alot of electical tape.  I had the frame, rims, dumbo tank and handlebars all powder coated jack black for durability.  Had my friend Adam Blasdale of Rochester, NY paint the tank.  Came out awesome. Thanks Addy.


I would like to mess around with building another one. So this ones FOR SALE so i can afford to do so.  email @ warnerjamesw@yahoo.com.  till then, out.

Jim Warner


  1. Pat says:

    LOVE it. Fantastic simple ol’ school ride.

  2. Brandon says:

    Cool little ride, dude. Just fuel for my fire, ya know? Can’t wait to get mine going.

  3. Blackwidow says:

    Thats an awesome bike I love it. I wouldn’t change anything about it

  4. Blackwidow says:

    I seen this bike on ebay

  5. ARDCORE says:

    This is an Ardcore bike..It looks like the one we originally built for Radical Dan out of NY a few years back.Funny you didn’t mention it for your ebay price someone would jump all over it,although it doesn’t look to have been taken care of..

  6. J says:

    Hey everybody. My mistake….. Wording needs to be corrected. I REBUILT this bike. Motor needed a rebuild. Frame needed to be re-welded in several spots, and the clearcoat spraypaint needed to be sandblasted to remove all the rust and then i powdercoated it. The wiring was like the fourth of July when it sparked, So I rewired everything. Had major charging problems so I installed a high output Pamco (which I dont know why it wasnt put on from get go). I took all of the wiring out of the cheesy dull dry-rotted electronic controls on handelbars and ran switches to the dummy tank. Re-machined all the motor mounts out of 3/8” thick steel instead of the sheet metal that was on there. AND I PUT LOCK-TITE ON EVERY NUT AND BOLT THAT IS ON THE BIKE! There is more work i’ve done on this bike in alot more detail (email me if you want the winter long story about this project). Ardcore choppers I in now way intended to steal your thunder. I do know one thing though, I feel alot better riding this bike knowing I went through it. Maybe there was a reason I didnt use your name as a Sales Tactic. I’m Out.

  7. Nate says:

    OK I got an email about this this morning from someone on the webs that emailed Mr Warner and this is a copy of the email this person received that they forwarded to me..also you will find a link to the photobucket with this bike and as you will see the only things Mr. Warner did was paint the frame,wheels and tank..

    I James Warner built this bike.

    And I built the frame myself, from an internet blueprint.

    Ya like it? Its for sale on ebay. Item # is 270479994827 Buy It Now: $4500.00

    This bike was built with in the owners budget.

    Its no big deal that you bought the bike and I don’t think anyone here cares if you did or not..but telling mistruths is really uncalled for.
    I am sure anyone here who have purchased one of our frame understand the quality and craftsmanship that goes into them.
    Sometimes its better to man up and just say you made a mistake other then telling a bunch of bs to make yourself sound better.

  8. Nate says:

    on a side note..I think you forgot to locktite one of your motor mount bolts….

  9. Billybobba says:

    Nice simple light looking ride, do your nuts a favour and throw on a rear mudguard. Can you tell me the brand and numbers of your rear tyre, cheers.

  10. BHALL says:

    Funny when I saw this post I was wondering why he did not mention the ardcore frame which would have brought him more dough on ebay… now I get it … also What I dont understand why anyone would paint or powdercoat a whole wire wheel including spokes and niples.

  11. m.narozny says:

    Sweet. I live in upstate Ny too. How did you get it through inspection?

  12. myron says:

    hey guys,
    sorry to intrude on your conversation, but I’m from upstate N.Y. also, and I just picked up my first bike ,,,,,, a yamaha 650xs,, and I was just told about this site today. I could really use some help/encouragement/input,….. I know I got a great bike with alot of potential to be something beautiful , and I know I can do part of the work insted of paying someone to do the work. I’ld just gotten thru viewing all 50 pages on this site and got alot of ideas from all the pics.
    A little about myself ,,,,,, I’ve been talking about getting a bike for yrs. ,,,,,,, not even knowing how to ride,,,,,, I finally got one to find out ,,,, DO I WANT TO RIDE OR NOT?. My occupation at this time is cooking, which I have a great passion for, but, I’ve spent alot of yrs. in many machine shops learning you can do ANYTHING with a chunk of metal,,,,,,,,,
    I’m just wondering , did I make a mistake thinking I could build before I can ride,,,, please I need some posotive feedback here. My email is brudpnk@yahoo.com. please get back to me. I will send photos of what I’m dealing with if you respond.

  13. reeb says:

    Hate to dig up the past but DICKWEED here i mean jw. Submitted or as it says his boyfriend submitted this ARDCORE bike to THE HORSE MAG in the readers rides and once again took all the credit for it. What a shame to dig the hole further.

  14. REEB! says:

    Where ya at jw? Ready to come clean?

  15. tim says:

    just an all around great looking bike

  16. norm younger says:


  17. DENNI$ says:

    puts the ‘dirt’ in ‘dirty hearted’……