1978 XS650 Chopper to be


Write about your XS650.: I rescued this 78 xs from the owner of my local napas garage. His kid bought it but never did anything with it, so 300 bucks later it is home.. threw a set of drag bars on it and rode it all summer.



Now the motor is getting a rebuild, chopped with a hardtail kit with a 3″ stretch…. more pics comming over the winter as I get it together…. still needs some stuff and not much cash so it will be slow going…….


Ron Parkinson


  1. Mr.Dirtbikes says:

    How to do for next step with this bike? I would like see it on blue color.

  2. myron says:

    hey there,
    I’m new to this site, but I’m pretty sure I just picked up the same bike over the summer, but I didn’t get to ride it yet and the season here in upstate N.Y. is kinda over,( even though I still see a lot of bikes still out on the road) lollol.
    I bought a 78 650xs from a guy who pretty much has a ” yamaha grave yard “, in his front lawn. When I set up the buy with this guy, he not only gave me the bike, but my helmut, 2 diffrent style seats(wich serve my vision of this bike no purpose), and a 2nd yamaha chopper hardtail frame for the future of this bike. After the hour and a half ride hauling everything home, I decided instead of makeing one bike, I could have 2 great bikes when I’m done.
    Anywho ,,,, I’ ld like to chat with you further about the progress of both our projects. You can e-mail me at brudpnk@yahoo.com to chat further. Good luck on your build and thanx for your pix.


  3. ron says:

    thanks alot for the comment, I have sent in an update with hardtail…..