xsbobber off one-armed biker called nick dont know what his other arm was called


ok, so here is my bobber i did actually get it off a one armed biker and he said it was the dogs ,obviously( is that spelled write ?im not a writer) all switches were on throttle side and clutch lever had a hydraulic job worked with thumb ov right hand but i digress ,!!!i pushed it home about 8 at night from mile end through rotherhithe tunnel to surrey quays !



So i moved switch back to left dropped seat about 7inch resprayed tank bought a couple ov triumph reservoirs  now all this and i hadnt heard it run , made an electrics holder out of an alloy saucepan  to look like a horseshoe oil tank ect ect and put new battery in holder 2nd kick she started NICK THE ONE ARMED BIKER WAS THE BUSINESS AND A GENUINE GEEZER TO BOOT now if you meet nick he cycles and works in a cycle shop in london take time to talk and tell him 2bobbiker says thanks ,thats about it bike is now for sale on ebay to make room for next project !!!!!



  1. Blackwidow says:

    Looks really cool

  2. Lucas Custom says:

    Wow Very nice work~You can be very proud of the work you have done on this bike~here is a pat on the back~I did not want 2 split hairs when it comes 2 a gr8 joke but it prolly should have read “There was a Biker with one arm named Nick”Then your punch line~But everyone certainly gets what you ment~Have a fun and ride safe 🙂

  3. sean from boston says:

    hah funny story 1 arm huh? cool beans