xs400..sratch that xs650


Write about your XS650.: This started life as an xs 400, i cut the square ugly parts out of the frame and added the cool long,low parts, first i used the 400 motor but the owner only got to ride it for a day before it started giving him trouble. 


So since i had a 650 or two laying around and some convincing from Tim (owner), it just barley squeezed in there. I kinda wanted it to be as dirty as possible, i think it worked!!!!



The leatherwork was done by Tim himself, he is a very talented artist/tattoo artist/and leather workin fool.  Thanks ted for such an awesome site.

Frank GRC


  1. Ted says:

    Nice. This bike turned out awesome. That tank is perfect. I like how the motor is tilted forward. The leather work on that seat is rad.

  2. Teebs says:

    Frank, you’ve got a definite style going. That bike has GRC all over it. Digging the stretch and the drop. The leather work on the seat is excellent. Killer tank, I’m always up for something different. The dual brake lights really work too.

    Any issues with the oil with the engine tilted, that you know of? I’ve seen this done before and wondered how far you could tilt the motor before it became an issue.

    It’s dirty and it’s rough. Just what you were shooting for. Nice work.

  3. frank GRC says:

    thanks teebs, but actually i do think the motor is lacking oil flow from the tilt any ideas on how i can fix that? there is no room to lean it back so i think my options are kinda limited

  4. Teebs says:

    I’m not sure. The problem with titling a vertical twin (I would think) is that oil delivery is set up to be uniform from the top down, so tilting it is going to cause more friction/heat/wear on the rear side of the pistons etc because oil isn’t going where it’s supposed to.

    One way to help would be to have more oil flow. Maybe a bigger pump. They sell a high performance one on Mikes. I know there have been issues with the bigger pump actually causing the sump filter bypass to open up though, due to increased oil pressure, causing the crap in the oil pan to end up pumped back into the engine.

    Good luck, brother. Keep me posted on this if you would.

  5. Emery says:

    The bike looks good. That leatherwork is crazy good! What kind of tank is that?

  6. frank GRC says:

    thanks alot teebs i must deff will keep u informed, Emery the tank is from some old dirt bike, we dug threw some 50 tanks before we found this one, not a lot of gas in it but it looks pretty cool

  7. Hesh says:

    seat kills it! So rad!

  8. Teebs says:

    Frank, apparently the sump bypass opening will only occur when it’s cold, with thick oil. I got that from a reliable source over at 650rider. So, that could be a possibility.

  9. Blackwidow says:

    I had an xs400 that was given to me for free with no title I sure wish I would of kept it and just did something crazy to it but at the time I had too many projects.. Crazy build by the way

  10. Dane says:

    Love the bike Tim, especially the seat

  11. greg waltke...fuxs sakes. says:

    frank, so thats your rat huh ,love it .that seat makes every other look sub standard,well since im a leather tooler too i better git busy. thanks for the insperation.

  12. 58dub says:

    My god he is a master with the leather tools to get the seat looking so good. Has to be the best seat ive ever seen. Very good going.

  13. Earz says:

    That seat is insane. I have aspirations to be that good at leather work, but I struggle at drawing stick figures.

  14. frankk GRC says:

    YeaTim did the seat himself, he has since started a little side company called voo doo saddles, check him out, thanks for the comments, Frank GRC

  15. Cody says:

    I’m looking to buy my 1st bike and I am looking for an xs650 but all I can find locally is an xs400, xj750, and a kawasaki sr650. Are any of these good alternatives or am I gonna run into problems in finding parts?

  16. Pete says:

    is is raked? if so how much?
    or are the forks just shortened?

    loveee the stance,
    nice work

  17. Skriblz says:

    I want that seat!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. pickles says:

    This has to be the coolest seat I’ve seen on here so far.