XS 650 chopper project starting point


Write about your XS650.: This is the 650 I just bought last week.I’m starting into a wild chopper build,and paintwork,This bike will be out of this world!!! But this pic is how it sits at the time of this writing(My first Street bike in ’86 was a ’78 Yamaha XS 650~I loved that bike and it is great to be working on another 1)



Rob Lucas


  1. Rusty Nutz says:

    It looks ripe for the plucking.

  2. Blackwidow says:

    balls to the wall go for it

  3. Teebs says:

    Go for it, brother. Can’t wait to see where you end up.

  4. Ted says:

    Man, that thing looks rough! Looks like it’s been sitting outside for a few years. Lots of work but that’s where the fun at. Good luck and keep us posted..

  5. Lucas Custom says:

    Thank you so much guys,for your comments of encuragement~It means so much to have great votes of confidance~I just submitted several more pix yesterday,that will be published within a week,so you can see the progress so far,even a mock-up of what this bike will look like in the end~But what you woun’t be able to see is the 60s style tye-dye paintwork then Candy brandy wine flames over some of it,that I’m cooking up,and are all in store for this Monster.I was a wild custom bike builder(Of the “Digger” 60s chopper style)in the mid to late 80s,of the 60s Triumphs~Then I got away from it all till 2 weeks ago,So I will hit the sceen hard and fast,with some of my best work yet~So I want to say Thank you so much to you guys that are fully behind me on this one~With your great comments~I think putting the Old Iron back on the road is what this is realy all about in the first place~It’s what drives me to build!!!ty

  6. jimmy ako says:

    good luck with the build m8. and keep us posted.

  7. Lucas Custom says:

    I need 2 get a title 4 this bike any suggestions were 2 go??I was at the Department of motor veicals yesterday they said take it 2 the State police and get a rebuilder title~Whey not file for lost title or is there an even better way 2 do this??Thank u 4 any info,Sincerely Rob Lucas

  8. Lucas Custom says:

    The ’78 Yamaha XS650(Pre Special) I had in the summer of ’86 had a massive powerband at half thottle and above,it was equal to the powervalve performance found in todays dirt bikes.I have had tons of both street bikes and dirt bikes~There was no Nitris on this bike and there was no alterations done on this bike~Seamingly all stock ’78~I have not ridden 1 of these XS650s sence ’86~My questain is:Are all of these bikes as EXREEMLY snappy half throttle as my old ’78 was??Can I expect the same throttle responce out of an ’81 say or ’70??As of this writing I own 1 ’70 ~2 ’81s ~& 2 other engines years unknown~Or should I be looking for just ’78 XS??Any info will be greatly epreaciated Thank you for your time~Sncerely Rob lucas

  9. Lucas Custom says:

    I have talked 2 several experts on this subject and acording to all of them ’70-’73 were very fast~from then on all XS were detuned~Leading me 2 belive~if my ’78(Which would completly throw you off the bike) was feactory detuned?? I can’t wait to take my ’70 for it’s first scoot~ I forgot to specify in my last note~The same or greater power valve performance of my Suzuki RM250 2 stroke werks bike dirtbike~Felt I needed to clerify that a lil~I almost got thrown from my old XS first time I hit half throttle~That was my first sreetbike at 18yrs old~I had tons of dirtbikes up until that point~growing up out in the country~But nothing prepared me for that on the street~That XS tire locked up to the road unlike wheel spin in the dirt~Now I have owned and driven tons of differnt streetbikes ever sence~I have not found anything quite like that bike~there are snappy crotch rockets I don’t like riding~I drove a buddys Yamaha RD350 I restored for him in ’87~That would whellie without trying~I’ve owned an H2 but never drove it so that dosen’t realy count~I have ridden lots of my 60s Triumphs they did not act at all like my XS did~So I have been completly unimpressed by street bikes all around after that XS I had first~& that is realy saying somthing!!!These bikes are fantastic in my opinion~Last summer I was laying in bed thinking of building old Triumphs again then it just poped into my mind my first bike looked just like those triumphs and was very quick~Not to mention reliable to drive anywere I want~I cannot say the same bout my old triumphs I had to push for uncountable miles & Kick till my leg wanted to fall off along with my lungs exploding lol~So I jumped up out of bed~Ran & told my 21 yr old son who imidatly youtubed these bikes just to see what I was talking about~Then saw many have had that very idea~& that there are good hardtails availible exc.~Very easy 2 get parts on eBay these days(compared to no eBay in the 80s)~I can’t wait 2 drive 1 of these lil monsters again~But this time round all done up like my Faverite “Digger” style Triumph choppes I LOVE so much~Great Mix of the best of the best/in my opinion once again~As there are so many differnt build styles for the XS that fit differnt peoples personalitys~I will quote my buddy~And motorcycle expert Dave Roth who was in it deep by the time these came out in 70~”The Yamaha’s XS650 is the Triumph with all the bugs worked out”~Wow It Realy seames like it!! But thats what was said about them when the XS’ first came out~So glad I woke up so early that hot summer morning wanting 2 build a crazy looking bike again

  10. Justin says:

    I think you should scrap the hardtail and send your frame to Ardcore for one.