This lil rat’s name is fuxs sakes, northglenn colo.


Write about your XS650.:  Well diserved name,as any thing that could post a problem ,did.I built it my brothers back yard,so theres part of my problem.Any way it still finely got done ,and i couldnt be more stocked about this lil rat.Got the bike from a guy off Craigs list,for $650 bucks,started out as a 81 xs 650 herritage specail.Got the rims off of craigs too for $150,and the west eagle seat for $40.


The brittish  gas tank, and a couple other nick nacks I got from Two Wheelers Of Denver for another $120.The fake oil bag I got from Targit, its a flour container,thanks to the guy on this list that gave out that idea.The weld on rear tail I got from Elswicks cycles, for $240.Sorry T.C. Bros i wanted a drop seat, frame.I hand made the fender,the foot post plates, fender mounts,batterybox.The exaust pipes,I made from a set of Buell,pipes I cut up. Shure git alot of looks on this thing,I couldnt be more stoked about how killer it came out.It’s my version of what a rat b


  1. frank GRC says:

    i like it looks real bare bones and real bad ass! gr8 work

  2. greg waltke says:

    hey thanks, frank.i tried to keep it as simple and rat,as i could.this is my third build ,ive done two triumphs before this,so im not new to this but i am true to it.

  3. Emery says:

    That dropseat frame from Elyswick looks sick.

  4. greg waltke...fuxs sakes. says:

    Yea thanks,Robert elswick is a real cool guy,great frame with exelent welds,only thing was the sliders for the axles were too small for an xs axle,so i had to machine them out more,the use of a harley axle works well with it but,if your gonna sell a frame for an xs specificaly ,the axle to a xs should fit it ,youd think.just one of the lil problems that contributed to the name fuxs sakes.thanks Emery.

  5. james says:

    cool bike, mine started as a rat bike too, but slowly its been getting shinier. are you planning to paint it or you leaving it raw?

  6. greg waltke...fuxs sakes. says:

    thanks james ,no paint lit’er first build was a 66 bonny ,i did the meatle flake paint,the second i did a 71 tiger ,and did the flat paints the frame red and tank and fenders flat black,lil over done sceme,so as ive grown as bike builder,and what i like ,ill leave the paint scemes to the easter bunny.not that i dont respect a good paint job just didnt fit the bill on this one.

  7. Bob Woolley says:

    Nice clean bikes and cool ideas!

  8. greg waltke...fuxs sakes. says:

    thanks woolley.

  9. Tebo says:

    Good lines Greg. It came out nice. Shiny is good for being on a trailer and for shows, but a dirty rat is for riding ’cause you wanna ride. I’ll post my ’75 basketcase as soon as I can get it out of the basket.It’s destined for rat-dom in its 2nd life. Now, if I could work a computer…. Definitly sick ass.

  10. greg waltke...fuxs sakes. says:

    thanks tebo, rats rool & easter egg bikes drool. i once had a 75 xs too.i was gonna do to it what i did here to this but ,i was short on funds to fix up a norton i was working on ,making a chicken wing chop ,so it got sold.dont know what i plan to build next but a guy next door to my work ,admires my work, and has given me an 400 yammaha,for free, havent got it yet cause hes gotta dig it out ,but till then ,its all about gittin out and rideing.

  11. Tebo says:

    Greg, Don’t sell the 400 short. I saw a 400 once stretched all the way out to there and back. Long, low, and the kind of scoot you could manuver rings around a big v-twin. Take the gift-horse and run what ya brung. Meanwhile,ride. I don’t know where you live, but in upstate NY, we’re getting ready for the next 200 inches of snow this season. Rock on bro’

  12. Blackwidow says:

    Hey nice to see another coloradan on here.. I’m from La Junta Colorado it’s like an hour east of Pueblo.. Cool bike I bet it’s fun to ride

  13. greg waltke...fuxs sakes. says:

    thanks blackwidow yea its blast,alot of guys pull up next to me just to get a closer look,i was pulling out on to washington st,from my house and this guy in a 08 mustang turned his head back so far to git a look he curbed his car whoops.and for those who dont know colorado is the sh*t.

  14. greg waltke...fuxs sakes. says:

    thanks blackwidow,yea its a blast way more power than the brit bikes ive had.for those who dont know,for rideing clorado is the sh*t!

  15. Blackwidow says:

    Yup these bikes get looks people that don’t know are like what the heck is that

  16. Hey Greg, The bike turned out awesome, nice combination of parts. Sorry about the issue with the axle plates, we accidentally used Harley axle plates on a couple hardtails when we first started building them. We’re making all axle plates with a slightly larger slot now so they’ll work with a Harley or Yamaha axle. Is it cool if I use your pics on my website? You can email me at

  17. Blackwidow says:

    I seen the bike on craigslist so why you selling?

  18. greg waltke...fuxs sakes. says:

    just seeing whats out there.turned down all offers so far .i build them sell em or trade them ,and then build another.ive been told i should work in a shop,but i just do it for a hobby as i love to tinker.i love to trade and swap,so ya never know, i never git to attached to anything,but i gotta say im very fond of these bikes and im proud of the lil xs,so i might just keep it as it fits me to a tee.

  19. greg waltke...fuxs sakes. says:

    hey tebo, im sorry didnt notic your responce to the 400 im gittin for way would i sell it short,think ill offer to dig it out for him,cause i cant wait to build another,think i like building bikes more than riding them,well thats debateable too,but the lil 400’s kick butt.think ill try my hand at makeing my own tail section this time, dont know till i have the bike. ill stare at it for a few hours drink a few beers ,it’ll come to me ,what im gonna do to’ll be rat all the way though.poeple in the us not from around here think it snows all the time but colorado we ride all year round well have 60 degree days in november ,the saying around here is dont like the weather wait 5 minutes it’ll change.thanks.

  20. Blackwidow says:

    I had an xs400 I had gotten for free and I kick my self in the ass for letting it go. It didn’t have a title but it did start and would of been a cool bike to experiment with

  21. greg waltke...fuxs sakes. says:

    billy bobba no your wrong 71 degrees in november for colorado can keep queensland ,thanks for the complement though.blackwidow sorry to hear about the xs 400,always others to be had.robert elswickid id be honered to have bike pics on your site ill send the lot of them,to your web adress,the axle thing was a bit of a quirk,but no need to apologise for an exelint weld on tail.that made the whole evil sole of this thing come to hardtail for the xs ive seen.thanks to all.