Write about your XS650.:  Well diserved name,as any thing that could post a problem ,did.I built it my brothers back yard,so theres part of my problem.Any way it still finely got done ,and i couldnt be more stocked about this lil rat.Got the bike from a guy off Craigs list,for $650 bucks,started out as a 81 xs 650 herritage specail.Got the rims off of craigs too for $150,and the west eagle seat for $40.


The brittish  gas tank, and a couple other nick nacks I got from Two Wheelers Of Denver for another $120.The fake oil bag I got from Targit, its a flour container,thanks to the guy on this list that gave out that idea.The weld on rear tail I got from Elswicks cycles, for $240.Sorry T.C. Bros i wanted a drop seat, frame.I hand made the fender,the foot post plates, fender mounts,batterybox.The exaust pipes,I made from a set of Buell,pipes I cut up. Shure git alot of looks on this thing,I couldnt be more stoked about how killer it came out.It’s my version of what a rat b

xs650 Bandana
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 mug
xs650 tanktop