1978 YAMAHA XS650 barrel holly glass bowl off a 53 ford pick up ,trick ele ing. 4cly volkwagon cap ford coil projector lite off a mazda 3.. could go on and on…My husband get something in his head and you never know what he will build next..




Dave Sprecher


  1. toe. says:

    uh…. wow!

  2. chad says:


  3. bob parsley says:


  4. Dave Sprecher says:

    is that a thumbs UP or thumbs DOWN….??

  5. Chris says:

    You’ve got balls! Talking about making it look different than anyone else. I am working on my first build right now and I can honestly say I don’t have that kind of nerve. Good for you. F**ck anyone who says otherwise. I hope it rides good.

  6. Dave Sprecher says:

    you can see it run and youtube

  7. Emery says:

    I agree with Chris, just because it doesn’t fit everyone’s cookie-cutter idea of what a custom 650 should be, doesn’t mean its not a nice build. Definitely unique and outside the box. I’d love to see more pics though, especially of the tank!

  8. toe. says:

    yeah. looking at the site, i totally dig it in the video. definitely cooler to know that it can be ridden… rode? it moves.
    just sitting there, static, it seems more like art to me. and its not my thing.
    i dig the idea though. keep pushing limits. thumbs up.

  9. Billyboy says:

    Freaky wild!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. grepper says:

    Love the Crazy frame design, takes ‘Get Bent’ to a whole new level. Looks like it could use a top end rebuild from the smoke. Pretty impractical, too low and too racked (watch the guy try to turn around) but I guess that’s not the point. I still like it.

  11. doug says:

    dave it wild cool good job

  12. THE GUNSLINGER says:

    yea Doug if you know me you know i am into bikes…check it running w/ the others…

  13. zong says:

    Dave has been doing interesting work, for 10 years , very creative things with all kinds and sizes of bikes and cars -trucks—His chop top 56 ford panel is enough proof of his great work. I can see alot more insane projects coming out of his shop…..zong

  14. Meril says:

    Nice! Ive see it in the horse!

  15. joe says:

    quit using my registered trademarked name wiseguys customs. damned newby copycat wannabees using my registered name to get attention? get your own damned name and stop using mine. i see you have gone around my website domain name as well. if you want respect for the work you do then earn it with your own damned name, and stop using the name i registered with the atty generals office that is known internationally. this is your notice. cease using my business name.

    the real wiseguys customs on the west coast.

  16. beaker says:

    “My husband get something in his head and you never know what he will build next..” He obviously doesn’t have ANYTHING in his head or he wouldn’t have built THAT. Lets hope he doesn’t try his hand at building motorcycles. Maybe he can use his creative genious to come up with his own business name instead of trying to steal Joe’s? Pretty lame.

  17. paul allan says:

    stop scabbing joes name…
    i bet it real safe to have that pos drag the ground…

  18. BamaBill says:

    That bike is just awful. Also, if you claim to like then you’re a stupid a-hole. You can see the thing dragging the ground in the video, do any of you claiming to like it actually ride bike? Or are you just some tool sitting at home eating cookies looking at pictures on the internet? You CAN NOT know ANYHTING bikes and think that thing is any other than an abomination.