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DADDYGCYCLES has been around since 1979 and have been building bikes for customers in the Tri-State area since then. Most people may have seen us at Motorcycle Drag Racing events with our crazy tow bike builds or seen us at some shows. We are a small business that builds Crazy Bobbers,Choppers and street bikes. Continue Reading →

xs400..sratch that xs650



Write about your XS650.: This started life as an xs 400, i cut the square ugly parts out of the frame and added the cool long,low parts, first i used the 400 motor but the owner only got to ride it for a day before it started giving him trouble.  Continue Reading →

Bloodhound 650



This was my first bike build.  I had no motorized mechanical experience prior.  The bike was a 40th birthday present to myself. The top end of the engine was rebuild.  I had iffy rings and a bad valve.  New gaskets would help insure it would not leak.  Most importantly I want to know how the engine worked so I would be able to fix it myself.  Frame is stock 1981 with a 3 inch stretch hard tail.  Forks were shortened an one inch and a half and I added some preload and fork oil to stiffen them up.  Ignition is Boyer Brandsen and new Mikini VM 34’s. Continue Reading →

XS 650 chopper project starting point



Write about your XS650.: This is the 650 I just bought last week.I’m starting into a wild chopper build,and paintwork,This bike will be out of this world!!! But this pic is how it sits at the time of this writing(My first Street bike in ’86 was a ’78 Yamaha XS 650~I loved that bike and it is great to be working on another 1) Continue Reading →

xsbobber off one-armed biker called nick dont know what his other arm was called



ok, so here is my bobber i did actually get it off a one armed biker and he said it was the dogs ,obviously( is that spelled write ?im not a writer) all switches were on throttle side and clutch lever had a hydraulic job worked with thumb ov right hand but i digress ,!!!i pushed it home about 8 at night from mile end through rotherhithe tunnel to surrey quays ! Continue Reading →

78 xs650s bobber in the making



just started a few weeks ago on my 78 650s bobber project