Glasgow Born XS650 Bobber


Write about your XS650.: Bought the bike originally as a 1980 SE in a sorry state, after a large amount of engine, carbs and electric work got it running and ready to go with help from my old man.  The frame was professionally hardtailed and stretched 4″.  Stock 19″ front and 18″ rear from a kawa z.  



Sporty tank, sprung seat, dummy oil tank for the electrics and ribbed rear guard.  Finished in rattle can black and clear coated the muddie and good to go.  It’s my 1st attempt and the 1st incarnation of the bike but winters here so a few changes may be afoot!!



  1. Al says:

    Nice clean bike. Did you have any problems with the MOT regarding the hardtail?

  2. Jason says:

    Great looking bike!

  3. Brewer says:

    Nice bike! where are the velocity stacks from?

  4. Hesh says:

    they could not streamline that plate huh? Wowser! Cool little bike man.

  5. Teebs says:

    Nice scoot! GIANT plate.

  6. Blackwidow says:

    Man oh man this bike is just clean clean

  7. Davie says:

    Cheers for the comments guys, Al, no probs with the MOT, Brewer, got the velocity stacks from Custom Fasteners, Hesh and Teeb thats the UK road legal MOT plate so a post MOT streamlined one can be used thereafter.

  8. brian kent says:

    lads in england u have to abide by the law and show a big number plate like this