This was my first bike build.  I had no motorized mechanical experience prior.  The bike was a 40th birthday present to myself. The top end of the engine was rebuild.  I had iffy rings and a bad valve.  New gaskets would help insure it would not leak.  Most importantly I want to know how the engine worked so I would be able to fix it myself.  Frame is stock 1981 with a 3 inch stretch hard tail.  Forks were shortened an one inch and a half and I added some preload and fork oil to stiffen them up.  Ignition is Boyer Brandsen and new Mikini VM 34’s.


I made the all mounts, electric box, battery box and struts.  It has a TC Bros chain tensioner, new head light, tail light, and rear blinkers to please PA.  Both wheels have new bearings and seals.  New taper fork bearings.  Mini apes with mini buttons for turn signals.


Stock throttle and switch.  Starter button was reused as horn once again to please PA.  Seat and shocks were from Chopper Shox.  I covered the pan myself.  Tank is a caswell sealed peanut.  Wiring was the worst part but I am very happy with the build. Oh, thanks to Jeremy a local friend who painted the frame, tank, fender and all the little parts. Build two is underway. Thank for all the help from anyone who helped.

john whitehead

Bloodhound 650

xs650 tanktop
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 Bandana
xs650 mug