Write about your XS650.:  This is my very first real bike and my first build. I traded a 78′ xs400 that I paid $400 bucks and got running to a nieghbor for my 75′ xs650 that wouldnt run. Since then Ive swapped the motor out with one that turned over tight, and had the carbs rebuilt and the demon came alive!!!!


I bought a 70’s sporty tank and had it and the front fender painted. There is much much more work to be done before I am finished, but I am a broke ass and only make soo much and Ive got alot of bills and a teenager to raise, so a lil at a time. I do want to eventually weld a hardtail on and find a set of springer forks, and Im not sure yet wether I want to throw some apes on it or keep my drag bars.



I do know that I have been having some electrical probs with it, cause its only firing right on one side and Ive set the points a hundred times. I do plan on getting electronic ignition eventually. Winter is coming up real soon, so I will probably be parking it in the garage and stripping it down, so I can go over it. If anyone has any ideas or donations to make my build badass, all is appreciated!! Peace!!!

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