78 xs650s bobber in the making


just started a few weeks ago on my 78 650s bobber project



  1. Hesh says:

    I like where this is going, keep it up

  2. Blackwidow says:

    looks good are you gonna put a rear fender?? I was just asking because looks like your gonna slide off that seat

  3. danny v says:

    Yes I will be putting a fender on. i just have not found one yet. I also will be making it kick only, but having trouble finding out if i need a rectifier or rectifier and regulator together.
    Thanx for the coments

  4. Ted says:

    You can use a combined Solid State Rectifier/Regulator for 1980-84 XS650. You are just combining two components into one.

  5. danny v says:

    I bought a rectifier from Mikes xs. Can i use the stock regulator with it or do i even need a regulator if i am doing kick only? please help

  6. Teebs says:

    danny, you need both.

    If you want more info on this, go to 650rider and do a search (not the google search bar at the top of the page, but the search that is in small letters located beneath the thread list. type in “kick start only”, select “search for all terms”, and select “electric” in Forums. You should find everything you need, including some solid wiring diagrams.

    Alternately, you could check throw the “Vault” in Forums and you’ll find an archive of wiring diagrams there.

    Good luck.

  7. mattx2 says:

    what stretch is the tail?

  8. danny v says:

    I used a weld on hardtail from tc bros i think its about a 4 inch stretch