Write about your XS650.: Well its been about two months since i started my build. i started off with a stock 78 xs650s that i got on craigslist from some guy for $100. The bike was not running when i got it, but i had a good feeling about it. When i got the bike home i removed and cleaned the carbs, and replaced the battery and plugs put fresh gas in it since it hasnt ran for about 3 years the guy said.



and what do u know it started. not right away but it started. it ran like crap.  I ordered the hardtail from tc bros. It was a great fit no major problems just alittle tweaking here and there. Allot of the other parts i ordered from mikesxs . Still have allot to do, but i think its coming along pretty well for my first build. And yes i will be replacing the bars and fixing the pipes.


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