XSive 650


Write about your XS650.: lots of bloody knuckles went into building my raging road rocket.12,000miles later not a problem except old farts telling me it’s too loud.


Thanks Alan


  1. Ted says:

    Cool bike, nice photography. Where was that first picture taken?

  2. nate says:

    nice bike that is just like the look im going for on my 81 xs 650 good job.

  3. Eric says:

    Good looking scoot!
    Is that the XS Performance 2-1 Headpipe and megaphone muffler?
    Is it loud b/c you’ve removed the baffle?

    Update w/ a pic when you smoke off the last of that back tire!

  4. emerson says:

    this pic was inspiration for my own build. no lie. but it was worth the time and money. love the bike bro. and about the exhaust… i picked one up at a salvage yard for $40 but there isn’t any manufacture label on it. who makes that style of exhaust system? cuz my baffle is rusted to hell!! but it still sounds orgasmic!!

  5. emerson says:

    just found the exhaust. it is the one off mikesxs.com i could feel an improvement in power right away. again the sound is amazing.