Fresh top end Re-build
New Mikuni Carbs
Wrapped Exhaust
Fresh Paint
Powder Coated Wheels
NEW Tires
Custom Rear End
New Chain & Sprockets(Front & Back)
Custom Seat
Front end work
Tail Lights

B. Turner 2009/02/brandon-turner/


  1. Teebs says:

    The old seat looked WAY better.

  2. BUTCH says:

    this is soo ugly. every post gets worse. there is nothing good about this bike. you hacked off the back end in a desperate attempt to have a “bobber” and just ended up with an un-balanced pos. i know its harsh but im sick of seeing this site littered with trash like this.

  3. Brandon Turner says:

    Looks better in person, plus if xs650.com, would have post all the pic’s, so you can see bike all around! Everyone who see’s this bike LOVE’S IT!! All the bike’s we do now are Custom Hard Tails, which is what will happen to this bike sooner than later! Give me a link to some of your stuff, BUTCH! Show me what it’s suppose to look like! This is a xs650 site, ALL xs650’s, whatever kind they are, and whatever they look like!

  4. Brandon Turner says:

    Video of BIKE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3vlWPnTN8o

    Check it out!

  5. Emery says:

    I don’t know Butch… he obviously didn’t break any boundries, but not a bad bike.

  6. Teebs says:

    Well, in all fairness, Brandon, you had to know that there were going to be some guys who chop bikes on here who were going to look at this and not be overly impressed.

    Your idea of a CUSTOM rear end is to spend 5 minutes with a hack saw cutting off the seat loop. You also unbolted the rear fender, attached a pre-made solo seat and lights. Not exactly major modification.

    You have posted this bike on here about 4 times now over the course of 7 months. Not much has changed. More black paint or powder-coating, that’s about it.

    While it is a bobber… a very slightly bobbed bobber, it isn’t what most of us who have been modifying bikes for a long time would call a bobber or a chopper. What I would expect, as with most guys that have been f*cking around in the garage most of their lives is a lot of cutting, some tube bending and metal fabrication and some WELDING.

    I don’t really care about this bike. I think you ruined it by hacking the loop off and removing that great looking tracker style seat. By doing this and adding that ridiculous looking solo seat you pretty much proved that you have no clue what you’re doing. AND THAT’S OK.

    Everybody has to start somewhere. But if you can’t handle it when somebody tells you that your half-assed build sucks, maybe you shouldn’t post it. BUT I THINK YOU SHOULD. Criticism gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate, to question our decisions, and to grow a thicker skin. Or to say f*ck it and keep doing things the way we think is right.

    My problem; you obviously have very little experience or skill when it comes to building custom bikes, yet you are saying you are “Wicked Choice Customs”. I certainly hope that you have a REAL WELDER as part of your crew and not a hobbyist. Don’t go getting somebody killed playing OCC.

  7. Ted says:

    Brandon Turner@ What is the deal with xs650.com? Not another 650 site.hahaah

    You have post your bike up a number of times Turner. I really liked the low_pro seat you had on a while back.

  8. Brandon Turner says:

    TED, where’s the rest of the pictures! And Teebs you talk too much! I just wanted to ask BUTCH what he had, just like I’m asking you what you have?? Just tried to do something different with this bike, than just hard tail. Building two bikes now, both cut and weld hard tails, complete re-build’s from the ground up, will post when done! And oh, this BIKE SOLD last night for $3500…….

  9. Brandon says:

    Yes, I have 17 yrs. welding expirence!

  10. Teebs says:

    lol the grade school gay challenge…. Too funny. Are you 12?

    No the fact that I use LOGIC and REASON to come to my conclusions makes me right.

    Keep going. You’re definitely amusing.

    Let me guess… TC bros hardtail for your next “build”? “Wicked Choice CUSTOMS” lol

  11. Ted says:

    I am getting sick of the negativity that keeps popping up. Drop it or kick rocks!

  12. BUTCH says:

    your right lets drop it, bike sucks lets just leave it at that.

  13. BillyBobba says:

    Well maybe at least it will stop even if you are trying to tear yourself a new scrotum on the rear tyre. Have a good ride Mr New Owner.

  14. hooversama says:

    sick of the negativity?????

    thank teebs…the know-it-all.

    every single comment i’ve ever read by that dude is a downer…even when he likes the bike there is a put down in there somewhere. makes me not even want to read the comments. i love the bikes on here…..can’t stand the mr. logic and reason attitude…..logic and reason seem to be other words to toot the horn of an unhappy know it all that loves to put other people down.

    give us a break and find another hobby to fill your time.

  15. tadd442 says:

    You are completely OUT OF LINE and you should be ashamed of yourself!!
    Not only did he cut his hoop, he cut his exhaust off as well….(still no welding)

    I am starting a new style where I put tall bars on an R1 and call it “Crotch-Hanger” or “crotch-style”… of course, after I post it several times and other people catch on, it will be “crotchy” for short.

    This is a fine specimen of an effort cut short.

  16. tadd442 says:

    ALL puns intended……..

  17. Teebs says:

    Yeah, I’m feeling the burn of shame… no wait, that’s just the breakfast burrito I ate a few minutes ago.

    I am totally going to be next in line on the “crotch-style” band-wagon. Mine’s gonna be totally unique though. I’m gonna put spoke rims on mine. I wonder if TC Bros makes a weld on hardtail for the R1? Oooh, and I can get some coke-bottle hand grips! And lose the front fender… HEY! I just invented a new style… “crotch-bob” Yes it sounds painful, I know… just as it should.

    Thanks tadd442, this is gonna be uber-sweet!

  18. tadd442 says:

    totally unique, just like everybody else……..long live “crotch-bob”!!

  19. HoeyUno says:

    Listen to all the babies on here..

  20. tadd442 says:

    Yes…LISTEN (keyword) to all the babies on here…..

  21. Migustigus says:

    Oh and i want a crotch bob and i want glitter tasstle streamers for my handlebars. and spokey dokeys for my wheels.

  22. migustigus says:

    Hey Teebs.. Hows that crotch bob coming?