VERY-VERY Clean 1981 xs-Yamaha 650 “Special” For Sale or Trade


Write about your XS650.: Well to make a long story short, i was injured at work in the year 2000 with a major back injury, which i decided after 5 years that i couldn’t  function on a daily basis with a  consistent high pain-level of pain. In 2005 i had major back surgery where they took out my blown L-5/S-1 disc AND FUSED TOGETHER the to vertebra’s with bone, screws, rods and a cage around it.


The point i am trying to make is physically i  was not able and still not able to ride a motorcycle for long periods of times(about only 20 minutes)because of the pain, plus i still have a opened 10 year old Workers Compensation claim on this specific injury case to my back, so i came across my buddies moms garage and every time i pulled in his moms drive i noticed a back-end of a motorcycle sitting in the garage, so finally one day i asked whose bike is that?, and is it for sale?. 1-hour later my buddy called me and said his brother-in law wants to sell it, so i pulled out a lump of cash and made a offer and the owner said its sold!! So with a few of my buddies help we took the bike to my garage and decided i will make a very very very slow but picky winter project for me to take the bike apart and completely rebuild(did not touch the motor it was fine) clean, check, replace, wax, paint any parts to the bike that may of had small surface rust or stripped screw, etc. New parts that i put on are; a new battery, drag bars, high tech ignition system, rebuilt-carb. kit, custom air filters, spark plugs and wires, all new fuses/fuse box, handle-bar grips, changed oil/filter,all new gas-lines and any kind of rubber hoses were all replaced, new mirrors, brand new petcock, and it also has a sissy bar(i uninstalled it), i have all repair/parts receipts, and finally i have a lot of tender love and care that i put into it very very slowly and i also used a lot of A*#ss’s and elbows used to make this bike a “eye- catcher” and the looks of a brand new “old”(historical) motorcycle!!! runs great!! call and make me a offer or i could possibly be interested in a trade of some sort. email me at or my cell at (330) 503-1639 tony youngstown, ohio 44471


  1. tadd442 says:

    Looks like new !! Good Luck with the sale!

  2. jpracecraft says:

    I’ll bite, how much ?

  3. tony says:

    HEY !!!! jpracecraft !!! Thanks for the comment on my bike u said ill bite how much, but i posted this add to get offers thrown my way, and i keep the offers to my self , i dont want to give someone a starting zone persay, soo throw me a offer my way or dont forget im open to trades also im into the 1978-82 Kaw. 900-1000 or your basic cafe’ style bike newer one though, or im interested in a clean,reliable cargo van(prefabbly white in color) so let me know jp. thanks tony

  4. brian says:

    What sate are you in and is the bike still for sale? My email is

  5. tony says:

    its october 24 09′ my bike is still 4 sale but since 2 weeks ago i put drag bars on the bike new petcock and more call me before winter

  6. Buddy says:

    I’ll give you $2000

  7. Buddy says:

    I guess you changed your mind

  8. Steve says:

    Is it still for sale? How much? Where are you at? (location)

  9. Barney says:

    I would SO butcher this one!

  10. meinc says:

    is this bike still for sale?