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Update on my bratty xs650



Candied it with candy brandywine.

Write about your XS650.: Well got laid off so I have been trying to get some work in on my xs. I got my front end fixed. I lowered it 3″ I finished welding up the frame mods I did. I got my cables marked to send to 650 central so he can cut them to fit. Continue Reading →

Old dirty bastard



This rusty heap is the best 1100 bucks I have ever spent.

Write about your XS650.:  First off let me pay respect to Grave Robber Customs.  With out Frank I would not have gotten this thing together.  This is a 79xs special.  I bought it in deltona for 600 bucks.  This is my first bike so I just figured that if it ran all was well.  Nope.  I bought an AMC voltage regulater and used Pamco Pete’s 6dollar rectifier.  New alt/stater.   Continue Reading →




I’ll tell you something about my passion. I’ve bought my brand new TX in 1974, when brazilians had to import big bikes because at that time there was no ones over here. But some accidents happened and some friends die and my parents made me sell that bike. Continue Reading →




The Wilkinson Bros “The FLYING W”

The vitals: Powerplant is a ‘78 XS650 with an Ardcore Choppers frame conceived by metric-specialist, Jon Ard. It has a 4-inch stretch and a profile unique to the Indy-based custom bike shop. The entire bike was built by Ardcore Choppers, with input from my brother and me (the Wilkinson Bros).


If you’ve spent even a few minutes on, you know well the dudes behind the Get Bent bike, Wizard Sleeze, and Mother’s Little Helper, among others. Us Wilkinson Bros are graphic designers who live, eat, and breathe motorcycles, but we ain’t bike builders. Ardcore needed a new website and we “needed” a custom shop-bike. Paths crossed, hands shook, metal was bent, a site was launched and another XS650 custom bike surfaced in the Midwest.

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Bad A$$ Street Tracker



Hi this is my 1975 Yamaha XS650 Street’s got a few trick mods twin 6 pot front calipers, kawasaki fuel cap built into original tank, Continue Reading →

“Bratty Bob!” by metalsoul engineering (dot) com



FAST, LOUD, and HARDCORE! “Bratty Bob!”

The powerplant is a 1976 Yamaha xs650 that had 16,051 miles on the speedo when taken apart, and since the build completion I’ve put on another 110 or so miles.  Using the stock frame I chopped the rear off and made dagger sweeps behind the seat and lowered the seat rails. I fab my own battery boxes, and license plate brackets, and always like to do something slightly different on each bike as far as electronics go. Continue Reading →