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learning experience



Write about your XS650.: I saw a xs650 at a local car show. I saw an add on craigslist for this on the cheap. I have never done this before but theres got to be a first time for everything. I found this other one the same way. I hope between the 2 I can build somnthing that works. Continue Reading →

XSive 650



Write about your XS650.: lots of bloody knuckles went into building my raging road rocket.12,000miles later not a problem except old farts telling me it’s too loud.

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VERY-VERY Clean 1981 xs-Yamaha 650 “Special” For Sale or Trade



Write about your XS650.: Well to make a long story short, i was injured at work in the year 2000 with a major back injury, which i decided after 5 years that i couldn’t  function on a daily basis with a  consistent high pain-level of pain. In 2005 i had major back surgery where they took out my blown L-5/S-1 disc AND FUSED TOGETHER the to vertebra’s with bone, screws, rods and a cage around it. Continue Reading →

78 xs650 s getting ready to chop :)



Write about your XS650.: Bought this bike for $100.oo.The bike did not run when i got it so i cleaned out the carbs and replaced the battery and it started right up. I have started turning it into a rigid with a buddy of mine. Using a weld on from TC bros. Continue Reading →

1976 black widow xs650 bobber



Write about your XS650.: I bought this bike for $200.00 it was in bad shap only thing was good was the frame, motor and tranny . me and my best friend  started taking it apart   i got   hard tail weld on frame welded it on the old one and went from there  so here is the results i hope you all like it as much as we do Continue Reading →




Write about your XS650.: engine new rebuild, fresh paint, carb one by mikuni, front tire use 110 21 michellin, rear use 130 16 by dunlop, frame, gas tank anf steering by handmade. Continue Reading →