learning experience update


Write about your XS650.: The projects going ok, I put the motor from the one bike into the hardtail after alot of grinding of old wierd welds. I put the dirtbike front end on for now. The other front end I have is for a xs1100 it turns out , I need to change bearing sizes to keep the drum brake wheel up front and use the xs1100 front end , so I may just keep it with the dirt bike forks.


I bought the peanut for 20 bucks of a friend. I would like a wassel or something different, but it will have to do for now. Im going to start making a electrical box out of a coupla fire extinguishers this week. Im still under 500 dollars on the project. I have all the electrical, exept for lights. Im looking for an inexpensive seat. i also have tires from the other bike that are DOT. these arent.


  1. JET36 says:

    Mid controls and a little front light and you got some style. Looking good

  2. brian says:

    Nice bike, reminds me of bling’s cycles with those tires!

  3. Hesh says:

    beyond thunderdome!

  4. steve cristi says:

    what dirtbike did the front end come from. bike looks great btw.

  5. Tebo says:

    The neck angle looks perfect for the dirtbike forks, keep ’em! Cannibalize the old seat for material and fab your own. Costs nothing and it’ll look like you want it to. You have less invested in your two bikes than I do in ONE basketcase! Keep sending pics on your progress.

  6. Bike looks knurley, keep it the way it is, like every one said make your own seat pan, and if you can keep the tires and tank, the bike looks great the way it is. For a headlight go to Mike’s XS, you’ll find what your looking for there, I did. They sell a dirt-tracker light real cheap. Hotrod.

  7. Chris says:

    Loving the dirt bike tires!