Write about your XS650.:           This is my 1980 XS650.  It started out a bone stock runner that I bought for $500.  I started tearing it down and after many sitting on the “stool of contemplation” this is what the final product looks like.  noid-066

It took two years to build and paint, but it is well worth the wait.  Most of the parts were donations from the local motorcycle welfare system or swap meets.  The tank, donated by a friend who was cleaning out his storage unit, came from a Harley iron head, while the fender, headlight, and gas cap were freebies from the Biketoberfest swap meet.


The paint work and body work were completed by me personally.  The paint took the longest to finish.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and hope to see you out on the Texas backroads.  Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down. Tailpipe.

Kevin Daugherty


  1. Teebs says:

    I looked at this bike for a long time… then I realized I like it.

    I don’t like the struts where the shocks should be. This is a mod that sacrifices form and function for an as yet unanswered purpose. It looks bad and kills the back and kidneys. But this is something I will probably repeat every time I see it. And an unsprung seat at that… ugh, my ass hurts just thinking about it. lol

    But it has it’s own thing going on. That paint job has style and more style. She has good lines…and I’m still stuck on the paint, the colors are strange, but I keep going back to it because for some reason it really works.

    It’s very clean, and you have to love that. Not a lot of cables and wires everywhere.

    I think what I’m getting is this Americana feel it’s giving off. Very cool.

    Curious about the material for the seat. It has a copper look to it in the pics, is that just reflection? What material did you use?

    Aces, brother.

  2. Kevin Daugherty says:

    The seat, foot pegs and controls are made from copper.

  3. Ted says:

    @ Kevin
    I wish I could find a set of used pipes like you’re running.

  4. Kevin Daugherty says:

    The pipes are whats left from a MAC 2 into 1 system. Just remove the megaphone muffler and use the header pipes.

  5. BillyBobba says:

    I hope your Texas backroads are a little smootha than Queensland backroads, for your kidneys sake!! Have an enjoyable ride.

  6. zeno says:

    yea and less flooded.

    like the bike

    love the dog