Bad A$$ Street Tracker


Hi this is my 1975 Yamaha XS650 Street’s got a few trick mods twin 6 pot front calipers, kawasaki fuel cap built into original tank,noid-dsc00260

XS 400 rear wheel disc conversion,LCD clocks built into original clock body,hydraulic clutch,34 VM Mikuni round slides with K&N’s,Boyer Bransden ignition,short Mega’s exhausts,finished off with a custom paint job.



This is the greatest bike iv’e ever owned plus the fact it looks real bad ass to.


  1. Teebs says:

    Simple. Clean. Effective. Everything done to this bike enhances either the look or performance. Not a lot of heavy modification, but what is done is done well.

    Of course I’m into chops so I’d like to see more, but that’s only my taste talking.

    You’ve combined a bit of vintage feel with a little contemporary look and came out with a winner. Sweet paint.

    Great scoot. Thanks for sharing.

  2. chad says:

    ………speechless. GORGEOUS RIDE

  3. Hesh says:

    Clean with high tech compoments. Lovin it!

  4. nate says:

    fully diggin’ it..nice work on the paint also..

  5. Jonathon D says:

    Very cool machine the paint looks good and i like the rear sets too

  6. bradshaw says:

    wow! thats is a sweet looking bike would love to see some more pics!!

  7. chris says:

    nice bike! is all your electrical stuff in that area under the seat??? if so what kind of battery are you using? (if any)

  8. Kev says:

    All the electrical stuff is in a box under the seat formed out of sheet metal which also adds strength to the frame.everything fits in the box snuggly the battery is a gel type so it can be laid on it’s side without any leakage.the rear sets don’t really give a comfortable ride due to there position and it’s a bit awkward shifting gear due to the gear shift lever being close to the muffler but after a while you get used to it.
    I have also fitted LCD clocks into the stock clock bodies for an up to date look.
    if anybody has any questions you can email me at