1971 xs chopper Canadian Style


Write about your XS650.:This is a 1971 xs 650 i bought of a freind that statered to do the work but decided to go on to build a trike. He did most of the motor and hardtail work i did the rest with the help of a couple of friends. with mini apes and up sweep exhaust this thing just runs great.

other than losing nuts and bolt from vibration this is the most fun a guy can have on two wheels.
I am in the process of stripping it down again and changing the look since i have nothing better to do.
Thinking drag bars, lower the exhaust so it not blasting in my ears this thing is freaking lound,new rear fender and no signal lights.
i love the colour so i proplery will keep it the same. Oh yeah i forgot loose the front fender and make a fork brace.
let me know what you think.
George Anemi AKA Big George


  1. Ted,
    you have done a wonderful job on this bike … great look!!!
    I’m thinking to buy an XS also and customizing it like yours.
    The colour is wonderful .. like the tire with the white band.
    Regards …


  2. Hesh says:

    I like those bars, that front drum is the business.
    Ya strip that sucker down, lose some cables and wiring, you’ll be stylin!

  3. Emery says:

    I like those upswept pipes. Paint isn’t too shabby either.

  4. dannyb says:

    sometimes brown paint works, sometimes it doesnt. Here it definately does. good job!

  5. Christian Hansen says:

    Where you @ in Canada? I live in Windsor, Ontario and am planning on starting my own xs650 build but I am worried about what I am legally aloud to do in Canada since our rules on vehicles on the road are so strict, just wondering what you know or where I could find exactly what I need to have on the custom bike to make it street legal. Thank for your time, you bike looks great!

  6. Christian says:

    Love the bike, I’m from canada too! Windsor, Ontario to be exact, just wondering do you know what is required by law to make a custom bike street legal in canada? cause I know canada is a lot tougher on whats aloud on the road and I’m really interested in building my first xs650, thnx for you time.

  7. Christian says:

    sorry I posted twice my browser what messing up and I didn’t know if it would post.

  8. Jon says:

    Like those pipes. Where did you get them and how did you mount them?

  9. George says:

    thanks for the complements.
    Bike is getting a little makeover and should be ready for it’s new life.

    Christian, for getting the bike street legal i had to add all the lights,horn and front fender. Once inspection is done i was able to strip all that stuff out.

    Jon the pipes came from a local swap meet in Alberta paid $75.00 for them. I also got alot of parts from
    Mike’s XS and the one located in London Ontario.

    they have good prices and ussauly get it in 3 days these guys are awsome.

    thanks George

  10. HoeyUno says:

    Your bike looks professionally done. Great work my fellow canuck!!

  11. Alex says:

    Like the bike… Im pretty sure I saw you ride by last night. Definitely an eye catcher!

    Good job!

  12. Oscar says:

    Where in London, Ontario?

    I live in London, and just starting my own build, ’79 xs650.

  13. daxdax says: