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77 xs springer



Write about your XS650.: Bought a 77 for $200 and used the cradle part of the frame and motor.  Completely re-did the motor and built the back part of the frame.  Got ahold of a springer front end from 1970 and cut about 2 ft off of it so i could keep the same rake.   Continue Reading →

learning experience update



Write about your XS650.: The projects going ok, I put the motor from the one bike into the hardtail after alot of grinding of old wierd welds. I put the dirtbike front end on for now. The other front end I have is for a xs1100 it turns out , I need to change bearing sizes to keep the drum brake wheel up front and use the xs1100 front end , so I may just keep it with the dirt bike forks. Continue Reading →

my first xs650



Write about your XS650.: I have many bikes and about 3 months ago someone wanted my 79 Honda xr500 and traded his xs650 for it. Being open minded about every motorcycle ever built I went for the deal. I never gave much thought to them but now I really like them. Continue Reading →




Write about your XS650.: I have been changing my bike around latley I just picked up this old wassell tank a bates solo and a 21″ spool wheel  from a friend.. also i scored the springer off some random guy I was just talking to for $80.

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xs bobber for sale



Write about your XS650.: 83 xs 650 fresh build. frame is stretched 3 inches and lowered to 3 inches. all frame components, fork lowers(also turned off fender tabs), bars ect. are powder coated, silver leaf in lays on tank, battery box, and fender. ceramic coated rims. many more upgrades. Continue Reading →

Fort Knocks



Hi freaks XS,
Here weed from Netherlands
My XS hardtail is almost finished , Weed totally happy.

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