XS650 Rat bike

noid-rat_bikeWrite about your XS650.: This picture is in day 3 of the project, this bike will have no paint and be rusty, the only theme of the bike will be military, you can’t see in this pohto but so far there are 6 (50) cabilre bullets on the bike, 2 off the frame, 2 off the headlight, and 2 off the rear swing arm support, the exhaust can is going to be an empty tank round.noid-50_cal


  1. Braundo says:

    Sweet bike mine will be on here soon and you will see we have the same taste.

  2. bill blondin (owner&builder) says:

    just wanted to keep the update. i finished the bike and took it to the 2010 cav show and won best in class. sold the bike just after the show and i am looking for another one to start a new build.

  3. bill blondin (owner&builder) says:

    another update, lots of projects on the go but the most imporant one is a custom XS400 for the make a wish foundation, i am cururntly building a custom 1981 XS400 to action off or sell tickets on for the make a wish foundation, all custom work, mods and macanicail work to be done by me B&L Customs, paint and body work to be done by benjerman clement body shop, and we have a few other sponsers doing the seat, pin striping, and donating new tires, the bike will go witn us from show to show until it is finily set free at the toronto motorcycle show. mods are just getting started now we are hoping for a sick sick bike with lots of wicked paint, i would add pick but it is not a 650. so you can see updates on my facebook page, link above, or just type in B&L Customs on your facebook search. thanks guys. Bill