XS from Burgundy (France)


Write about your XS650.: First : sorry for my bad english. I don’t practive enough.
This is my XS. A 1H1 ’77. I bought it 2 years ago for my birthday (40). It was in bad general state (it hasn’t run for 2 years, hasn’t got any speedometer, starter system, etc … ) but – rock’n roll is not dead – I took it at home the day I bought it (ride of 200km under water). When I dissassmblated it, I found an handlerbar in 2 parts, electric items missing, etc … !noid-hpim4623
I made a mecanical check-up, lowered the front, took out the front fender, modified the rear one, rebuilt the handlebar, changed battery, simplified the electric wiring, lowered the headlight, assemblated a Tail light baouht on ebay (Ford 27 I thing) and lot of other details.

I’m studying the stage 2 : hardtail, trumpet mufflers, short rear fender, front wheel 21′, other tires (old school),

Thanks Sam


  1. marvin says:

    i like the way you think ted. the 21 on front and a hard tail would make this xs even sweeter.
    looks good! keep it up!

  2. BillyBobba says:

    Mate you speak better english than I do french so don’t stress there.
    I like you combination of styles on this bike, well done. Maybe a little frame work under the seat to make it look like it isn’t just a cut down of an xs stock would set it off better. Have a good one.

  3. blackwidow says:

    looks sweet