Write about your XS650.:   Hello’ I’m living in Réunion island and I have 2 xs. The bleue was builded by “Jean-mi” in the Dirtrack spirit  but it’s a racer ! wheels on 17″ & big double front-brake ! the engine is stock but there’s carbs Mikuni TM34 and a complète exhaust system by Omar’s DTR.noid-la_tortue_flat_day_-_copie

My second XS ( the black) is an original 1H1 XS from  réunion island ! since 1981, make some races and multiples disasemblages. ( I’m not shure about  this english words… sorry) But it’s a good twin ! Viséco pistons inside, and some parts from friend in Germany, Tanks to you Wolfgang, Twins-inn have technical solutions for all XS’ problems. One day ( looking for € …) I’m going to build a scrambler with the black 1H1.

xs650 Bandana
xs650 mug
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 tanktop